Summertime Promotional Tips and Strategies – Part 2

Take advantage of more summer advertising tips to jumpstart your campaigns before the weather turns hot.

In Part 1 of our Summertime Promotional Tips and Strategies, we explained how important it is to get started early on your summer advertising. When Spring is in full bloom, you have very little time left to start promoting summer sales. We offered a few summer advertising tips in Part 1 and are glad to bring you more summer marketing ideas here in Part 2.

  • Creative Summer Merchandising and Promotion

    Does your local city have a zoo or other popular tourist attraction? Offer coupons to amusement parks, zoos, national parks, and any other place that people love to go to in the summer. This is a great summer marketing idea to encourage sales of a certain dollar amount and offer free ticket for each purchase at that limit.

    You can also combine products for creative merchandising. Do you sell books? Bring out your book titles related to summer or travel. Promote children’s books with summer stories. You might combine a bottle of sunscreen with a beach towel for a reduced price. Find creative ways you can sell more products or services through merchandising combinations.

  • Take Advantage of Holidays and Special Occasions

    Summer holidays are a great time to increase your sales. You have a wide spectrum of holidays to get your summer promotion strategy started. You can use the Memorial Day weekend and other special occasions to make effective sales promotions. Encourage people to buy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. Independence Day can be promoted a month in advance. Use the 4th of July to have sales on any red, white, or blue item in your store. And use Labor Day as a way to encourage last-minute summer travel and spending before school starts and fall arrives.

  • Promote an Ice Cream Social

    One summer advertising tip you could use for your business is an ice cream social. Plan an event that invites your current customers and new customers to enjoy a free ice cream cone when they come to your store. Invite live musicians to play. Give free samples or other products to customers who visit. Promote your ice cream social event in the paper and radio. This is a great way to introduce your business to new customers and get people together in a fun and social environment.

  • Promote Wedding Products

    Summer is the prime season for most weddings. The months of May through September have the highest numbers of weddings than any other month during the year. And did you know the average amount spent on a wedding in 2009 was $19,580, and that the overall wedding spending in America is about $42 billion per year? That’s a lot of money waiting to be spent at your small business.

    You can get a share of the overall wedding spending with a summer promotion strategy that advertises your products and services for brides and grooms. Invite wedding couples to stay at a luxurious and romantic overnight getaway at your bed and breakfast on their wedding night. Offer deals on creative wedding invitations and favors. Promote your fashion designs for brides, bridesmaids, and grooms. If you have any product or service that relates to weddings, summer is the prime time to make top sales.

Read more in Summertime Promotional Tips and Strategies – Part 3.

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