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Hot Summer Promotions: Ideas and Tips for Sizzling Success

Summer is almost here, and it is time to start offering promotions to ramp up your business during the hottest season of the year. You can use creative summer promotions and promotional products to generate revenue and traffic. Take a look at some of the ways in which your small business can employ summer promotions and promotional products for sizzling success.

The Basics of Summer Promotions

Offering promotions in the summer is easy because people are so active and enthusiastic during these months. There are a few summer promotions that are tried, tested and true. They work for all different types of businesses, no matter what the industry or the size. Here are a few great basic summer promotions that you can try with your small business:

  • A Sidewalk Sale – This summer promotion works best for in-store sales or clearance events.
  • Road Trip Promotions – People hit the road in the summer, and you can develop complementary giveaways and promotions with a road trip theme. This summer promotion works online or in-store.
  • Summer Sports Promotions – Favorite summer sports and activities like volleyball, softball, swimming and camping make great promotional themes. You can develop complementary giveaways and promotions with summer sports/activities themes. This summer promotion works online or in-store.

All of these basic summer promotions are especially effective right at the start of the warmer months.

Summer Promotional Products

If you enjoy distributing promotional products to your customers, then you can tailor those products to correspond with the season. There are a variety of practical summer items that are completely customizable to showcase your small business. Some hot summer promotional products include tote bags, beach towels, water bottles and baseball caps. These items are usable and in high demand during the summer months.

Summer Promotions to Complement Your Business

A great marketing technique for your business is developing summer promotions that complement the products and services you already feature. For example, if you are selling books online, you can give away a free bottle of sunscreen with the purchase of titles related to summer (i.e. books about camping, travel, summer children’s stories). Other hot summer promotions could include giving away complementary tickets to the zoo or coupons for camping to customers who give you referrals or make purchases exceeding a certain dollar amount. Consider partnering with another small business to create unique summer promotions together.

Offering Promotions at the Right Time

There are a select number of classic holidays during the summer. By offering promotions at the right time, you can use the energy and enthusiasm associated with these holidays to increase sales. Develop sales and specials that are strategically centered on holidays because this is when people have time off from work to shop. They are also more likely to travel and participate in favorite summer activities during these times, therefore a hot summer promotion like giving away beach balls or other promotional items is very timely around the holidays.

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