Taking a Vacation – It CAN be done!

Taking a Vacation – It CAN Be Done!

Some small business owners seem to brag about the fact that they haven’t taken a vacation in 5 or more years.

But that obvious lack of balance between work and a personal life is nothing to brag about.

Studies show that people who have the proper balance have less stress – and less of the problems associated with stress.

Here is how to take a vacation without worrying that your business is falling apart.

Find Someone You Trust

This could be your business partner or your administrative assistant.

Who it is doesn’t matter as much as how much you trust the person to be there and to call you if there is even a hint of trouble.

Check In

Call in to the office each day in the morning to be sure that things are running smoothly.

This will also give your employees a chance to ask you any questions that they might have.

Be Available

Check your voice mail and emails a couple of times a day. Don’t lug your Blackberry everywhere you go and check it constantly, but just checking a couple of times a day will help keep you in the loop.

You don’t have to take a vacation where you cut yourself off completely from the outside world in order to reap the benefits of getting away from it all.

Thanks to technology, you can go just about anywhere in the world and still keep in touch with the office and, if necessary, your clients.

Just make sure not to “work” more than an hour or two each day while you’re gone. After your vacation you’ll come back refreshed and renewed.

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