The Best States for Business Owners

There's something in the water in Arizona. According to Entrepreneur's poll, Arizona ranked the number one state for entrepreneurs.

The article tells how Arizona is well-positioned to be the number one spot for entrepreneurs. With lower-cost real estate and a good small business support structure, Arizona's 12,350 start-ups represent a large portion of the state's businesses.

Following behind in second place is New Jersey, with Delaware in third. The study also looked at large, midsize, and small cities as well as counties.

Does that mean it's time to move? No. The beauty of the Internet is that you can be successful in business anywhere you live. But if you look at the factors that make these states more conducive to business, you'll see that it has to do with people, proximity (to other places or to other markets), and a progressive mindset that embraces business. What can you do in your city or state to put your locale on the list?

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