The Ins and Outs of Accepting Credit Cards

The Ins and Outs of Accepting Credit Cards

Some small business owners put off the decision to accept credit cards. While applying for a merchant account takes a few minutes, it is time well spent.

The world today almost requires business owners to accept credit cards in order to find the greatest level of success.


There are lots of choices about where you can open a merchant account. Some require good personal credit but, there are ways around that if your credit is spotty.

The best companies (the ones that charge the lowest transaction fees) will require good credit, others work specifically with credit challenged business owners and charge a slightly higher transaction fee.

Even if you must go with a company that charges a higher fee, it is still worth doing.
You can always switch to a company with lower fees once your credit score comes back up.


The reason some business owners choose not to accept credit cards is because of the fees.

For example, you may have to pay $0.25 per transaction plus 1%-3% of the total transaction amount.

Yes, those fees add up, but if you absolutely must, make tiny adjustments to your pricing to cover the fees.

The Price

The price you will pay for not accepting cards is likely far greater than the fees you will pay for accepting them.

Some potential customers will be forced to go elsewhere – even if it means paying a higher price – if you do not accept credit cards.

Don’t put it off anymore. Open a merchant account today and open the doors for more customers!

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