This Week in the News: Entrepreneurs Can Remain On Crack!

My Blackberry helps me stay in business. It’s used in 40 countries with such increasing frequency and addictiveness that it has earned its nickname: “Crackberry.” I like it because, instead of juggling a laptop and cell phone, I have it all handy in one portable package. Other entrepreneurs I know use it for Internet activities and SMS (Short Message Service, a form of text messaging on cell phones) I primarily use it as an organizer and for its email and telephone functions.

When Blackberry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) got caught up in a patent dispute, there was talk that the service would be shut down in the US. RIM said they had a “workaround” just in case the service was shut down… but I was skeptical.

I don’t know about you, but I’m breathing a sigh of relief right now that they settled the dispute. Service will remain uninterrupted.

Honestly, I don’t know much about the litigation itself (I know there’s more stuff than the press actually prints). All I was doing was counting the potential dollars lost from my business. But I and many other entrepreneurs around the country are getting back to business as usual.

I’m back in Black(berry)!

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