Starting a Part Time Tour Guide Service

Combine your love for your city with an entrepreneurial spirit, and you can quickly enjoy success operating your own part-time tour guide service.

Starting a new business in a recession might seem difficult, but the truth is that there is no time like the present. Working part-time is a great solution for these tough economic times. If you have a willing heart, an open mind and an able body, then you can use your skills to start a new business to make extra income during the ongoing recession.

If you live in an area that attracts tourists, then you can start working on the weekends as a part time tour guide. It’s true that travel and tourism are on a decline with the rest of the economy. It’s also true that certain people are still able to travel and they are looking for ways to do it more affordably. By starting a business centered on tourism, you can offer significant savings for eager tourists who want to explore your area.

You can design unique trips to meet specific needs of tourists. As an independent guide, you will be able to offer rates that are affordable for families who are facing the recession. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a custom vacation experience. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, exploring architecture in a downtown urban area, or heading out to a rodeo, starting a tour guide business will be fun for you and the tourists you serve.

Skills Required: Communication skills, enthusiasm, and organization skills

If you are familiar with the events, sites, transportation and lodging options in your town, then you are well on your way to working as a part time tour guide. You will need a strong set of time management and organization skills as well. It’s also important that you are comfortable working with the public. Depending on the size of the tours you lead, you may find yourself talking in front of a small group, and therefore, public speaking skills are important too.

Startup Expenses: $20 – $200

The expenses associated with starting a tour guide business are minimal. You will need to do some creative advertising, but you can use free space like community bulletin boards and websites like Craigslist to accomplish this. It’s possible you will need to visit some of the sites you will take tourists to in advance, therefore nominal fees might apply.

Monthly Revenues: $100 – $800 per month

Working as a part time tour guide, you can choose to charge by the hour or charge flat rates for package tours. Flat rates are more desirable in the recession as it makes tourists comfortable that they can manage the expense ahead of time.

Monthly Expenses: Minimal

If you plan and charge accordingly, the monthly expenses associated with your tour guide service will be minimal. Your own admission to parks or events should even be covered by the tourists that you are serving.

Time to Break Even: One month, or less than four tours

Breaking even will depend on how many tours you are performing, but the average guide should see results within the first four tours. Depending on the extent of the package you put together, you might even break even after your very first tour.

If you live in an area where tourism is popular, then the time is now to think about starting a business. In a matter of days, you can start your part time tour guide service.

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