Part-Time Sports Tournament Service

Imagine a job you can do from home that is fun and entertaining. Learn how to make money organizing sports tournaments and other athletic events in your town.

Even in tough economic times, people still love to play sports. It is an inexpensive form of entertainment and exercise that you can turn into a new business idea. A sports tournament service is a recession proof business that will thrive in urban areas.

No matter what the season or your own athletic interests, you can organize special events that will provide fun and entertainment in your community and put some extra cash in your pocket.

With a part-time sports tournament service, you will organize a variety of athletic events. For example, you can start in the summer with a softball tournament. Each team will pay an entry fee to participate, and that fee will cover the costs of the facilities used and your services.

A tournament business is a simple business idea and you can work at home to organize sporting events. Other popular sports that are easy to organize events for include running, biking, basketball and volleyball.

Pick a sport, reserve a location, and start soliciting entries from teams in your area. Organizing a sports tournament business is recession proof business that will provide challenges and rewards for you as you work at home.

Skills Required: organization and time management skills

To succeed in starting this new business, you need superior organization and time management skills. Organizing sports events and tournaments requires a great deal of scheduling and attention to detail.

Startup Expenses: $500

A tournament business will require a lot of advertising, but fortunately, most communities will allow you to promote such events for free. The real initial cost will be the very first fees you will pay out of pocket to rent a sports facility. You might want to provide concession or refreshment services at the tournament if the facility does not provide them. This would be an additional startup expense.

Monthly Revenues: $500-$1000 per month

This new business can generate a range of monthly revenues, depending on the season and the sports you choose.

Monthly Expenses: $100

Your main ongoing expense will include the cost of advertising. Otherwise, it’s just an investment of good old time and energy when you work at home organizing sports events.

Time to Break Even: 1 month

You should be able to break even with your first successful sporting event because the team entry fees should easily make up for the initial advertising and facility expenses. By the time you move to your second event, you will be on your way to success with your new business.

This is an excellent business venture for people who love sports and working with others. People will never stop playing sports, regardless of how bad the economy gets. This recession proof business idea is a gem waiting to be polished to perfection by the right team player.

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