Turning Customer Complaints into Customer Referrals

We all get customer complaints sometime! If customers express dissatisfaction, it doesn't mean they will never come back to you. A little courtesy and respect can turn even the most vociferous customers into the most loyal.

Customer Essentials

Remember that customers appreciate respect and attention. You need to understand, appreciate and recognize their potential. There are a number of reasons why customers change suppliers or vendors. Some of the reasons include expensive products, poor service and the attitude of the supplier.

You need to realize the fact that customers are the bottom-line essentials of any business. You can't win until you nurture your existing customers and make an effort to minimize their inconveniences and problems. Do this by making regular calls or visits, to deal with issues at an early stage. Reply to their calls and questions as soon as possible. Keep them informed about any new service or product. Conducting regular reviews of your company's performance can also be helpful.

Today, customers are more demanding. They have higher expectations and are less tolerant. Customers are more aware of their rights and they demand more for their money, time and effort. As a business owner you need to make sure that you value the opinion of your customers and act upon them in a positive manner, to benefit from their loyalty. A customer retained is a business opportunity of a lifetime!

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