Viral Marketing Tips

Well, the more I stay in the business game, the more I learn about marketing!  A fairly new concept to marketing that is being used widely online today is Viral Marketing – an idea used to disseminate a marketing message while creating considerable brand awareness. This concept can be applied to endorse your business online without any additional monetary investment on your part!

Viral Marketing Tips:

· Email signature: Usually, email programs allow you to create a signature attached to outgoing email and replies. A tagline can be included along with a separator, like a dotted line, between the body of the email message and your signature.

· Customized screensaver: A customized screensaver should be created and free downloads offered to visitors of your website. It should relate to the theme of your online business.

· Use a ‘tell a friend' script: This allows word-of-mouth advertising by visitors of your website, who will promote it when they communicate with their friends or associates. You could even install some attractive ‘tell-a-friend' scripts. A ‘thank you' note could also be sent to people by email, which could be the most effective marketing message about your business website.

· Participate in User Forums: Participating in various user forums related to the theme of your business will help promote your business.  You should add a signature to all your forum posts.  You should try to position yourself as an expert in your field on the forums people will then seek guidance from you, and visit your company website more frequently.

· Write articles and allow free reprinting: This is one of the most effective tools that can be used online. You could write articles on topics that are relevant to your area of business, and submit or trade them with as many websites as possible. These articles should be made free for reprinting. This will popularize your company’s website among various webmasters, as well as people reprinting the published articles.

These viral marketing tips can help enhance the popularity of your website, and build its credibility. By implementing these guidelines, you can promote your website to a wide variety of people and help increase your sales!

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