What Every Blog Must Have

What Every Blog Must Have

Now this has long been a topic of debate for various reasons. A small business owner normally wants their blog to have everything catering to the needs of the target market.

However, the question faced by any small business owner is often the order of priority of basic web elements. Web elements include the search box, website links and content.

Here some of the must-haves for any blog:

  • The Content. Let's face it: the content should make sense to the average person. Avoid using too many technical terms. Your blog should talk about entertainment, products, or services. Prepare the content in such a manner that when the user tries to Google you, your blog is listed among the top 5 search results.
  • Simple navigating tools. If users are unable to get from the top to the bottom of your blog without literally looking for navigation tools, your Blog is going nowhere. Use simple, to-the-point navigation bars and boxes.
  • The Search Engine. A blog without a search engine link or box is a user's nightmare. You don't want the user to open another webpage to get access to a search engine. If they have to do this constantly, they will lose interest in your blog. Most search engines, such as Google or Yahoo! will give you a special code to put in the back end of your blog. That code will generate a search box that users can use to surf the search engine without leaving your blog.
  • The T&Cs. That's right – state the terms and conditions of your blog if you are selling any product or services. Don't forget to mention the privacy statement if you intend to collect users' personal information.
  • Rating box. Provide a rating box before the end of your blog. This will help you know how popular your site is.
  • Feedback. Always ask for feedback from visitors. It will only help you to make your blog more useful.

Try to develop an attractive blog design and layout and update your site regularly. By following the tips above, you can stop your blog from slipping into irrelevance.