Which Businesses Can Benefit the Most with an Employee Time Clock?

Accurately maintaining timesheets is a vital process for easy payroll management and labor law compliance. Employees can securely log in to timesheets on company premises or remote locations.
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Accurately maintaining timesheets is a vital process for easy payroll management and labor law compliance. An employee time clock is software that helps employees fill in user-friendly digital timesheets and offers leadership a cohesive view of employee tracking for convenient management.

Owing to technological advancements, employees can securely log in to timesheets on company premises or remote locations. You can leverage different devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even kiosks to implement employee tracking requirements.

Benefits of Using an Employee Time Clock

Labor Law Compliance

There are several local and country-wide labor laws that need to be followed. According to the US Department of Labor, under FLSA, employees must receive pay for any overtime done more than 40 hours in a single workweek. A time clock can help accurately implement your company’s overtime policies and adhere to country-specific laws.

Payroll Management

Using the software, you implement different rules such as custom rounding off-hours, break times, vacation hours, etc. Using a single tool, you can track employee billable hours with different schedules, shifts, and costs. As detailed data is available on a centralized platform, your payroll team receives a head start and accurately processes payroll every week.

Save on Time and Money

You can implement company-wide time clock software to track employee billable hours. Employees can use various devices to securely login, even in remote job locations. It offers employees and businesses complete transparency over the whole process. You save on time, money, and effort as you have access to accurate real-time data at all times.

Businesses That Can Benefit With an Employee Time Clock

Small businesses to big MNCs can benefit from implementing a time clock system. It holds all concerned parties responsible for accurate data reporting and management, optimizing overall productivity.

Some of the top businesses that can benefit from implementing a time clock system are:


If you are a construction company with working sites all over the city or even country-wide, you can track employee hours with a time clock system. With cloud-based management, employees can log in hours into the system from different locations, and you can view, track and manage activities from a single office location.


Medical professionals have to be available 24/7. They need to be present on the hospital premises for their designated shifts. With a time clock, you can accurately track their working hours. The centralized platform can further be leveraged for its insights for better shift management, ensuring employees receive proper rest between long and hectic shifts.


Using a single time clock system, you can efficiently track and manage employee hours across multiple brick-and-mortar stores worldwide. You can use time clock kiosks or leverage GPS location to ensure employees report to their designated stores and their assigned work shifts.


Time clock systems now come enabled with a face recognition feature. Owing to the criticality of the security business, it is essential for only authorized personnel to gain entry to office premises. Using the face recognition feature, you can make it mandatory for employees to log in and log off with photo verification. Further, you can leverage this feature to track specific employees and teams, such as security and finance.


Another distinguishing feature of a time clock system is GPS enabled clock-in and clock-out process. You can track employee hours on the logistics channel coupled with accurate location data. With cloud-based timesheets, employees can input their hours irrespective of their location.

Consultancy Services

A consultancy is another business that can benefit from a time clock’s GPS and face recognition feature. If you are working with several contract workers, you can prevent concerns like time theft and buddy punching with photo verification. With cloud and web-based services available, employees can clock in and out from their respective job locations for the period.

Janitorial Services

With mobile apps and web-based services, employees are accountable for logging correct billable hours. This shift in responsibility encourages employees to report on time which helps in improving productivity. As a cleaning services company, you can use both GPS and face recognition features to ensure employees report to the correct work locations and on time.

Implementing an employee time clock can help businesses manage time, overtime, and breaks while saving time and money and improving productivity. Make your employees a part of this implementation. For a time clock system to be effective, you need to explain the tool’s benefits and dedicate training hours for the tool to be accepted and successful.

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