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Why Hiring Part Timers Is a Good Strategy for Small Business

Whether you are operating a retail, industrial assembly, manufacturing, or office business, you have a need for workers to be there during your regular operating hours. In some businesses, like a restaurant or clothing boutique, part time workers are the norm. However, even in an office setting part time workers can be a great asset to your company.

Benefits of Part-Time Staff

Here are a few benefits to hiring part timers:

  • You Get a Bigger Employee ‘Pool’ – When it comes to people calling in sick or quitting, your larger pool of workers gives you the opportunity to keep the positions filled and working during tight spots.

  • You Help Fill Jobs – The US economy can use a few less unemployed workers. Hiring more workers for part time can make a big difference to those who are not employed and looking for work.

  • You Save Money – Rather than paying full time workers overtime when extra hours are needed, you can save money by filling those hours with part timers.

However, hiring part time staff doesn’t mean you should treat them as third-class workers. Keep in mind these important tips for your part time employees:

Train Them The Same Way

Give the same training to part time staff as you would full time staff. Whether they work 20 hours a week or 35 hours a week, they deserve to know all the ins and outs of the job description and have the same amount of training to perform their job duties effectively.

Offer Benefits

You can still offer benefits to your part time employees. You might set a requirement to work 20-hours a week minimum to be eligible for health insurance, and you can offer paid time off at a pro-rated amount for part timers.

Be Consistent but flexible with Hours

Don’t let a part timer feel isolated by working night shifts, then day shifts, then swing shifts, etc. Keep the hours as consistent as possible, but do try to be flexible when scheduling so your part timers get the amount of hours they need.

Don’t Treat Part Timers Like Intruders

And lastly, it is easy to view part time workers as intruders. They are only there at variable hours and can seem like strangers at times. Put effort into including your part timers in events like birthday celebrations, and company parties. Make them feel like valuable contributors to your organization, and your part timers will be the key to helping your company meet your goals.

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