Why You Need Simultaneous Interpretation in International Business

Simultaneous interpretation is the most requested type of interpretation service. Learn what it is and why you need it in international business.
simultaneous interpretation

Interpretation is the act of relaying oral information from one language to another. And the interpreter converts the words, expressions, and emotions altogether from the source language to the target language. And interpretation is used in different places, including personal and business settings. The most requested interpretation service is simultaneous interpretation.

What Is Simultaneous Interpretation? 

You definitely have seen two people deliver a speech in two different languages altogether in many places. There is a time gap of just a few seconds between both during the process. That is a classic example of simultaneous interpretation. As the term “simultaneous”  implies,  it happens almost simultaneously as the speaker starts delivering the message to the audience in a business conference or a meeting.

Usually these meetings consist of people from different language backgrounds. The number of simultaneous interpreters needed in such a setting highly depends upon the unique languages of the participants.

Specialty Of Simultaneous Interpretation

There are different types of interpretation, and all of them are in high demand. But simultaneous interpretation still holds the top position of the list. Aside from having remarkable fluency in two languages, a simultaneous interpreter is also a quick thinker and has sharp listening and subject matter expertise. Additionally, it possesses extensive vocabulary in both languages and has knowledge of the idioms used in both cultures.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter stands in a soundproof booth where they can listen to the speaker’s words thoroughly with a headset and speak to the target audience through the headset’s speakers. And simultaneous interpretation includes so many cognitive and motor skills that require more than one simultaneous interpreter for a long event.

Moreover, as simultaneous interpretation happens in real-time, the interpreter cannot refer to any book or dictionary while doing their job. They listen to the speaker’s words and interpret them within a few seconds.

Why Is Simultaneous Interpretation Needed?

It goes without saying that interpretation makes it easy for different people from different language backgrounds to communicate efficiently. And when we talk about the role of a simultaneous interpreter in a meeting, they help the delegates to communicate immediately and in real-time. We have listed a few reasons why simultaneous interpretation is needed.

For Efficient Communication: In a conference, every delegate holds equal rights to convey their thoughts and ideas. And as it is a fundamental right of every individual to have access to their native language in professional settings, it can be difficult for the listeners to understand the message. An interpreter bridges the communication gap between the speaker and the listeners.

To Maintain The Meaning Of The Message: Simultaneous interpretation is not only about translating sentence by sentence, but it aims to convey the speaker’s message in different languages. This is why interpreters are generally experts as they are well equipped with the knowledge of the industry they are interpreting for and know the terms and nuances involved.

It’s Time Saving: In other types of interpretation, the interpreter translates after the speaker is done with delivering one passage or an entire speech. And as the whole speech is repeated in two different languages, it consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, simultaneous interpretation is the process of translating in real-time, and therefore it saves a lot of time.

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