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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Route Planning Software This Holiday

Since the arrival of COVID-19 and the lockdowns, many brick-and-mortar businesses are getting online, and e-commerce businesses are thriving like never before. If you run a moving company, you might be exploring options to meet the high demand for product shipments. But to get your product into a customers’ hands, you have to deliver it. And with the increase in demand for online products, it is more vital than ever before to ensure your delivery method is efficient, secure, and reliable. So, even if you are already using route planning software to create better efficiency, it is time you consider upgrading it. 

Delivery Variables to Consider

Mapping multiple stops when route planning is a complex business challenge. It comes with a number of variables you need to consider. If you are manually mapping routes, you will spend countless hours planning routes and finding the best ones. You also need to consider the number of clients to visit on any given day, the number of drivers available to deliver the items, and the load limit that each vehicle can carry. Even if you are not doing such things manually and are instead using route planning software, most non-commercial software usually limits routes to between ten and twenty stops, which can create even more challenges for delivering. Many route planning software packages lack real-time updates too. However, you can easily avoid the time-consuming tasks of manual mapping or route planning with subpar software by upgrading your route planning tools.

Multiple Stop Routes with Numerous Variables Are Easy to Plan with the Best Route Planning Software

To make it possible for delivery drivers to take efficient routes with tens to hundreds of stops, you need software that can do many different things. For example, a multiple stop route planner can guide delivery drivers to addresses where each one is optimized for time, gas, precise delivery windows, and numerous other variables. Route planning software from Circuit is unquestionably one of the best options available.

Route Planning Software Makes Drivers and Dispatchers’ Lives Easier

As noted above, route planning software makes delivery drivers’ lives much easier, but the software also makes dispatching much simpler and efficient. For instance, with Circuit software, dispatchers can choose how to distribute stops to drivers, which reduces the number of trucks required and increases efficiency. Circuit software also enables dispatchers to see where their drivers are in real-time and where they have been. Although many software routers can tell you where drivers are, only the best ones tell you where he or she is in the context of their route. With Circuit software, you can even zoom in to a specific driver and expand his or her list of upcoming stops.

The Best Route Planning Software Includes Real-time Updates

Most route-planning software options involve drivers receiving their routes in a non-editable form at the start of their day. That means if something goes wrong, optimal routes for drivers are no longer available. For instance, customers could cancel orders, new pickups could be added to the route, or detours may need to be made when drivers are running late, or there is a change in traffic conditions. With the best route planning software, drivers can update their last delivery and run to receive a new best route for their changed circumstances.

Other Benefits of the Best Route Planning Software

The top route planning software options come loaded with other features. For example, newly added additions to the Circuit route planning software include integration for package recipients so that they know the expected arrival time of their deliveries and get confirmations, the ability to take into account the size of packages and vehicle types when planning route and loading packages, and advanced functionality for drivers who need to plan both drop-offs and pickups.

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