Women-Focused Small Business Ideas

If you are a woman and are thinking of starting a small business, there are a wide variety of businesses that you can start where you can focus on attracting female clients.

Start A Beauty Salon. In addition to the routine haircuts and other face and body care options, you can also offer various new treatments such as body sculpting and massage treatments in your salon.

Just remember to take out the appropriate license and insurance policy before you start out.

Start A Lounge For Women Only. There are probably lots of women who want to have a quiet drink after work without being harassed by over-zealous men.

You could open an only women's lounge and club, where women could enjoy drinking and talking to each other without the distractions common to regular bars.

Start Teaching Music To Women. You could start your own school to teach singing or music to women. You could even encourage your students to start their own women’s band.

Start A Gym For Women Only. Start a gym with women instructors who can teach women to get healthy and fit. This is a great idea that is growing in popularity; some women don't want to or don't feel comfortable exercising in front of men.

You can also include pre-natal and post-natal exercises for pregnant women, and open a juice and salad bar on the premises.

Woman-focused businesses can be very popular and lucrative. Conduct a survey as to what type of business is in demand in your neighborhood – and get working on it!

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