Article Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing content to We do accept editorial content in a way similar to how sites like Medium and Forbes Business Council distribute contributed content to their readers.

We accept only educational business content that is written for small business owners. We do not accept content directed at consumers. Please watch the 60-second video below for details and follow our article guidelines. Thank you!

How to Submit Your Content

In order for your article to be considered for publishing, please be sure to contact us using our online form on this page with your proposed topic. Our team will reply with details on the submission process and review fees, which cover our editorial staff’s time to review your submission.
Please note that we are not able to provide editorial review services for free or at discounted rates due to the large volume of submissions we receive each week.

Please Follow ALL of These Guidelines

Acceptable Content

  1. Important: please only submit educational business content on:
    • marketing
    • sales
    • business planning
    • leadership
    • All other types of content will be declined.
  2. We do not accept content related to CBD, gambling, casinos, forex, crypto, or investing even if these topics are written for a business owner in such fields. Your content must meet Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines.
  3. DO NOT SUBMIT press releases or introductory articles like “How to Start a Business,” “How to Build a Website,” How to Market Your Business,” or other basic generic content.
  4. DO SUBMIT deeper articles on a specific business topic like “How to Find Your First 10 Accounting Clients,” “10 Time-Tested Website Call-to-Action Examples,” “Coach’s Guide to Creating 10 Social Media Posts Per Week in 1 Hour.”
  5. BE SPECIFIC. Include examples. The more specific your topic, the higher its likelihood to get accepted by our editorial team.

Editorial Requirements

  1. Article must be 100% original and not published (or to be published) elsewhere online
  2. Article must pass Copyscape or other plagiarism checks
  3. Use the AP Style Guide when composing your draft
  4. Articles with poor grammar or awkward phrasing will be declined
  5. Use an American English editor if you need to ensure it reads properly (we do not provide rewriting services)
  6. Article length: minimum 1200 words with max 4 external links per 1200 words (max one link per external domain)
  7. Do not use URLs as anchor text for links. All links must use English text for anchors.
  8. Articles that contain a promotional reference to a specific company as a solution provider will be declined if it reads like it is an advertisement for that company. We strongly recommend referencing brands using language such as “according to a report by <name>, one of the key reasons…”.
  9. Include an additional link to an existing article on your topic
  10. Use Heading2 style for section headings and Heading3 for subheadings
  11. Use initial capital letters for section headings and subheadings – do not bold the headings
  12. Include a meta description that includes the keyword/phrase that the article focuses on
  13. NOTE: Our team may add new links and edit the article text and title to fit our site

What Happens Next

Upon acceptance of your article by our editorial team, your contributed content will be posted on and shared with our readers.
Our average posting turnaround time upon acceptance of your article is 3 to 5 business days, sometimes longer if we have a backlog.
Note: business days do not include weekends or U.S. holidays. We are on U.S. Eastern time so please keep that in mind when you are waiting on a response from our team.
Use our contact form on the right side of this page if you have any questions. Thank you.
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