Time-Sensitive Opportunity to Close IT Sales Before July

If you provide protection against ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks, this time-sensitive IT marketing technique will help you to close many IT sales between now and July 2018. Follow these steps to generate an avalanche of highly qualified IT leads and new clients.

wannacry ransomware

WannaCry: What to Tell Your Contacts That Other IT Firms Aren’t

Copy/paste this news alert about WannaCry to generate interest in your IT services. The alert includes information on the recent attack, warns of looming attacks and provides a call-to-action to encourage readers to contact you for guidance. Send this text today to help get your phone ringing with new business opportunities.

What to Tell Your Contacts About Stolen Dropbox Passwords

There are breaking reports about 7 million passwords allegedly being stolen from Dropbox. Use this timely opportunity for you to show off your IT muscles and connect with your contacts. Read these step-by-step marketing instructions on exactly what you should do right now.