5 Items to Put in Your Welcome Packet for New Clients

Providing a welcome packet for new clients will reassure them that they've made the right choice by hiring your company. Here are 5 items you should include in your welcome packet, including what you should say in your welcome letter.
welcome packet for new clients

You’ve just received a contract from a new client. You’re excited about this new opportunity and want to make a strong first impression. Providing a welcome packet for new clients will reassure them that they’ve made the right choice by hiring your company.

Welcome Packet for New Clients

A welcome packet for new clients will show your commitment to providing the services you’ve promised and for pleasing your customers. After all, creating a satisfied customer is just as important as obtaining the contract.

If your clients are local, hand deliver your welcome packet to new your client. If it makes more sense to mail it, use overnight courier. That will give your client the feeling of importance and start your relationship on a positive note.

Here are 5 items you should include in your welcome packet for new clients and why:

1. Welcome Letter to a New Client

Writing a genuine, warm welcome and the simple act of saying thank you can go a long way when starting your new client relationship. A welcome letter to a new client should be brief, but intentional. First, be sure to say thank you:

Dear [Client],

 Just a quick note to say how excited we are to have you as our new client.

We understand how many other companies are out there so we offer our sincere thanks for choosing [Company] as your [your type of service] provider.

Next, reassure them that they’ve made the right decision and provide a brief summary of the services you’ll provide:

Our company has over 10 years of proven [your type of service] experience earning us the solid reputation we hold. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with your hiring decision, and of course, we’re always happy to assist you with all your [your type of service] questions and concerns.

With your twelve month contract you’ll receive the following: . . . [itemized list]

Finally, conclude by offering a personal name of their contact point, the name of your company and specific contact information including off-hours support if you provide it.

We look forward to working for you and providing you with efficient and effective customer service. Thanks again for choosing [Company].

All the Best,
[Phone number]

2. Customer Support Information Sheet

Even if you include information in your welcome letter, prepare a handy list of support services, operating hours, support e-mails and your company website address.

In addition to your customer support information sheet, you could put your contact details onto a mouse pad, magnet or postcard for quick reference so that they’ll always have it handy.

3. Branded Pens and Business Cards

Providing pens with custom branding like your logo, name and number may seem outdated but if they are of good quality, people will make sure to keep them close by. Cheap pens often find their way to the trash can so make sure you choose something that is unique and desirable. One with a substantial weight, attractive color and easy ink flow can be a big hit. Everyone still appreciates high quality pens.

Placing your name, logo and number on the pen, will keep your contact information right at their finger tips. Make sure to be generous with your pen giveaway. If they get lost and end up in someone else’s hands, all the better! It may just provide you with a new contact.

The same is true for business cards: they supply your client with easy-to-access information and they also give them an instant handout if they want to refer your name to someone else.

4. Unique Items Tailored to Your New Client

In the initial stages of meeting with your new client, did they mention areas of personal interest such as golfing or a penchant for dark chocolate? If you pay attention to these details early on, you can “wow” them later with a personalized gift that corresponds to their personal interest.

You might want to avoid key chains and paperweights. Those items went out with the Brady Bunch!

Mobile device chargers, reusable water bottles and umbrellas with your name and logo are also a great idea.

Brenton Johnson from Uptake Digital, an IT consulting firm, says they really go the extra mile when onboarding a customer. In addition to some of the items mentioned above, they also provide an iPad that is preloaded with a monitoring app so their client knows exactly what’s going on. It also contains all of the client’s new account details.

5. Educational Material on Common Problems

Presenting your new client with information on an important issue is both practical and appreciated. After all, they are depending on you to educate them on the issues they need to understand. For example, an IT consultant might hand them an article on a trending topic like phishing or malware. This instills confidence that your knowledge is up-to-date. It also shows your interest in keeping their company safe from harm. (IT companies can use MoreBusiness.com’s pre-written IT articles for purchase and then personalize them with your logo and company information.)

This concept of educating customers before making a sale works for all types of industries. If you offer construction services, create articles that describe how to select materials for a project, pros and cons of different designs, pictures of end results from your past projects, and checklists that make it easy for prospects to make a buying decision.

If you have a book, article or pamphlet that you’ve written on a topic pertinent to them, you can personalize it by writing a quick note on the copy and signing it.

Put Your Welcome Packet in a Gift Box

To put a warm touch on your welcome packet, use a gift box to present your clients with something they can unwrap. One of our affiliate partners, Deluxe, offers affordable attractive boxes that you might like: Deluxe Bags and Boxes.

Designing a welcome packet for new clients takes a little time and effort but is well worth the effort. Beginning your journey with a new client on such a thoughtful note should help to place you on a path of mutual trust and partnership.

They will see no need for buyer’s remorse when they see your eagerness to please. Welcome packets can also provide you with referral business. When your new clients notice your attention to detail and thoughtful customer care, they might tell their friends.

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