The Happy Customer: 10 Steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction

happy customer

What’s the secret to create a happy customer? Improve customer satisfaction and you’ll have raving fans who tell the world about your business.

The old adage, “it costs five times more to attract a new customer as it does keeping an old one,” still holds true today. Do everything you can to keep a happy customer coming back for return business.

Easy Ways to Create a Happy Customer

How can you improve customer satisfaction and retain a happy customer? Here are 10 easy tips you can implement to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  1. Acknowledge customers

    Answer phone calls right away. When you are near a customer, use eye contact and say “I’ll be right with you.” Acknowledging your customers immediately goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction. Simple gestures show you care. Train your team regularly to make sure they show your company’s best side.

  2. Know your customers

    Literally. Find out their names and greet them by name whenever possible. Get birthday information and send them a special offer or treat on their birthday. This can help improve customer loyalty because they’ll know you care about them as individuals, not wallets.

  3. Reward customer loyalty

    One strategy to make a happy customer is to reward them for loyalty. Many businesses have a “buy 5 – get 1 free” card or something similar. While this is good, you can also reward customers unexpectedly. After a repeat customer visits you a few times, give them a complimentary drink, an added service, or a special discount. You can also use a tool like Candy Bar which manages your loyalty program automatically – and a happy customer can use it from their phone.

  4. Go the extra mile to create a happy customer

    Loyal customers like to know you will go the extra mile. When you solve a problem, give the customer something extra to let them know they are important to you.

  5. Follow up proactively

    Customers don’t want to be made to follow up to get updates.While it may be easier for you, it’s not easy for them. If you tell a customer you are looking into an issue, follow up with a status update. A phone call or email can make the difference in a happy customer and a disgruntled one.

  6. Give special offers to current customers

    Use your customer contacts to offer a “members only” type of promotion to current customers. This improves customer satisfaction by making them feel valued and part of an “inside” group.

  7. Keep in touch

    Try to acquire customer contact information. Then, send regular updates via mail or email. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is a fantastic way of keeping customers informed of news and simply reminding them of your business name.

  8. Differentiate from the competition

    Whether you design a creative interior to your retail store or simply provide more value through exceptional customer service, you must keep customers happy by setting yourself apart from your competition.

  9. Ask customers for their opinions

    Do you really know what your customers want? It never hurts to ask customers about their experience and what improvements they would like. This can provide valuable information on how you can improve products and your service delivery. Send a post-sale survey to a Google Form or SurveyMonkey survey.

  10. Give samples

    Do you have a new product? Current customers can be a good source of market research. Give free samples to existing customers and ask their valued opinion.

Keeping your existing happy customer satisfied is the best way to maintain your company’s revenues. Also, a happy customer will naturally spread the word about your business. This kills two birds with one stone for your long-term growth.