SEO for Life Coaches and the Ultimate Life Coaching Keywords

Learn SEO for life coaches and get this list of life coaching keywords for SEO to attract a consistent stream of prospects and grow your business.
seo for life coaches

Thousands of people search Google for “life coaching” and related terms every month. Knowing SEO for life coaches gives you a major advantage over other coaches to land a regular stream of new clients.

No matter what type of coaching you provide, there is a huge market for you and your prospects are looking for services just like yours online. Applying SEO for coaches can skyrocket your exposure and bring in qualified clients fast.

This list compiles the most common life coaching keywords that prospects are searching on each month. Use these terms and the SEO tactics below in your content marketing and social media marketing efforts to attract clients.

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SEO for Life Coaches

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most effective techniques to generate leads for all kinds of businesses. SEO for life coaches allows you to build your personal brand strategically by creating and sharing content that people are actively seeking.

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You can broaden your online footprint quickly when you know the specific life coaching keywords to massage into your marketing material, including social media posts and your website’s blog or videos.

Couple that with the SEO for life coaching tactics in this guide and you’ll create a reliable system to generate qualified leads consistently.

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How to Use the Best SEO Keywords for Coaching

As you go through the list of life coaching keywords for SEO below, use the following strategy to identify which terms to use. Pursuing too many keywords in a single article will do more harm than good.

Balance Search Volume With Keyword Difficulty

The ideal approach examines two factors in the list:

  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty (also referred to as KD)

It’s important to focus on keywords that have some degree of search volume. Without it, you can optimize your website quickly but you won’t generate any qualified traffic. It will be a wasted effort.

There is a downside, however, to keywords that get searched on a lot. Usually, the higher the keyword search volume, the higher the keyword difficulty, which is an indicator of how hard the term is to rank for.

life coaching keywords

For the latest list of terms and associated KD, use an SEO data tool for keyword discovery. Our preferred tool of choice is SEMrush. It’s what we use at to create content that we know will attract visitors.

Characteristics of the Ideal Life Coach Keyword

To make SEO for life coaching work, you’ll need to select keywords that carry historic search volume.

We recommend finding terms with search volume over 30, which averages out to one search on the term per day.

The keyword difficulty is a number between 0 and 100. If your website does not get a lot of traffic currently, you should target terms that have keyword difficulty less than 30.

In fact, life coaching keywords with KD below 20 give you a significant chance of getting ranked faster, which is your sweet spot if you’re new to SEO for coaching.

Here’s a brief video that shows how to find ideal life coaching keywords quickly:

When you incorporate terms that have both of these characteristics (high search volume and low keyword difficulty), your SEO for life coaches activities have a higher probably of getting picked up by Google quickly.

Life Coaching Keywords

Here is a sample list of life coaching keywords along with estimated search volume and associated keyword difficulty. For a more detailed list, including terms that are more relevant to your type of coaching services and geographical area, we recommend signing up for a free extended trial of SEMrush (normally 7 days, but it’s 14 days using our affiliate link below):

See the Full List with a SEMrush Free Trial

Use the SEO best practices technique described above to select terms that make the most sense for your type of life coaching, whether it be helping your clients find more fulfillment in their careers, executive or leadership roles, or life in general.

This life coaching keyword list for SEO shows the number of searches being done per keyword for the United States in one month.

Keyword Monthly Volume Keyword Difficulty
life coach 33100 70
life coach near me 12100 60
life coaching 8100 69
what is a life coach 8100 61
life coaches 5400 71
life coaches near me 5400 63
life coaching near me 4400 62


Best Life Coach Keywords Use Local Terms

As you can see from the SEO for life coach keyword list above, most terms that have a substantial search volume also have a high keyword difficult.

Fortunately, this is not the case for local search. In fact, most prospects seeking out your services want to find someone local -or online at the very least.

This presents an immense opportunity to post content that will attract local clients. Take a look at this sample list of SEO life coaching keywords that have a local twist. These are numbers of searches done per month in the United States.

Keyword Monthly Volume Keyword Difficulty
life coach chicago 590 27
life coach in baton rouge la 590 21
life coach richmond virginia 590 21
life coach los angeles 480 37
life coach nyc 480 43
life coach san diego 480 26
life coach boca raton florida 390 15

Even in large metropolitan cities like Chicago and San Diego, the keyword difficulty for search terms is relatively low. This makes getting found on Google for related terms very achievable.

If you live in one of the Top 10 US Metro Areas, you will have a bit more competition due to the higher population in your area, but the SEO opportunity has not been saturated yet. And for all other geographical markets, there is ample room to optimize your website and online presence to generate qualified leads.

How Do I Marketing Myself As a Life Coach

The ultimate question you are likely asking yourself is “How do I market myself as a life coach?”

A quick way to promote your life coaching is to claim your Google Business Profile.

When people search for life coaches near their physical location, Google displays a map with pins showing the coaches that are closes to the location of the person doing the search.

To show up on the map and its related list, you must claim your free Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business. This is easy to do and it allows you to add quite a bit of information so that your services show up right on Google’s map – even before someone clicks to visit your website.

Claim Your Google Business Profile

This is very important in modern SEO for life coaches and certainly one of the fastest ways to market yourself. Your Google Business Profile is almost like your new home page.

google business profile for life coaching

After claiming your profile, follow Google’s instructions to include your general information, like hours of operation, phone number, and location.

The top criteria to get found on the map is proximity to the person doing the search. In your profile, add an address – even if you are using a UPS Store mailbox or other non-home address for a home based business. You can also specify a geographical service area.

The more populated your market, the smaller your service area should be in order to have the highest chance of being found on Google’s map when someone nearby searches using life coaching keywords.

You’ll also find more ideas in our complete guide to finding life coaching clients:

How to Get Life Coaching Clients: A 9-Step Complete Guide

Content Ideas For Coaches

Now that you have a clearer picture of the keywords to write about, what’s next? Writing articles and sharing social media posts is the logical step.

Website Marketing Content KitMany life coaches struggle to find time to write high quality content. That’s where using Private Label Rights content for coaches is a savior. It is also known as PLR content for coaches.

The main concept is that you can purchase done-for-you content for coaches that you can make into your own. It’s far easier than coming up with new ideas every week on your own. More so, you can incorporate the life coaching keywords in this article into your PLR content.

Get Done-For-You Content for Coaches

Our affiliate partners at provide very cost-effective content for coaches that you can copy/paste and edit if you’d like. For example, posting on your social media channels is an important part of a goal-driven social media marketing plan. With PLR content for coaches, you can take pre-written material and add your own twist.

Some life coaches record a video using PLR content, which is perfect to post on social media. When you’re sharing information, you’ll automatically add your own anecdotes and personal flair – and of course toss in life coaching keywords. It makes the entire process of posting original content very easy.

Getting Started with SEO for Coaches

Contact us for SEO Coaching help or SEO Services and we can provide a detailed list complete with search volume, keyword difficulty, and competitive analysis.

We can also guide you on setting up your Google Business Profile properly to make the most of your SEO for life coaches and your personalized life coaching keyword list.

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