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Usage Terms

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Use in your company’s marketing material

You may use the content for your organization’s website, blog, newsletter (print or email), seminars, webinars, sales documents, flyers, handouts and related marketing materials, and with marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, Campaigner, MailChimp and others.

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You may not post an entire document on any third-party website or publication, including but not limited to social media, newspapers or magazines (whether online or in print), or other site that you do not own or manage.

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Usage Examples

You can make edits to an article that you purchase and post the edited version on your website.

You can make edits to guides and slide decks that you purchase and use them in your seminars, webinars or other sales presentations.

You may make edits in the content that you purchase to include your project descriptions, client testimonials, links to products and service descriptions about your organization, and other related material.

You cannot post an entire article on LinkedIn, but you can post a status update with the title, description and link to the article that you posted on your website.

You cannot start a syndicated news column or publish guest blog posts using our content. Copyright Notice

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RSS Terms of Use

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