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What If You Knew SEO?

Life before you learn SEO

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Marketing is expensive

SEO agencies charge by the keyword

You learn SEO

learn seo

You now have in-house expertise

Your ongoing SEO costs go down and marketing investments go farther

Life when you know SEO

benefits of learning seo

You keep attracting qualified leads with new keywords

Customer acquisition costs less

Learn how to implement SEO to get the best qualified leads at the least cost

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Meet Your SEO Coach

SEO coaching trains and guides you on effective search engine optimization strategy and techniques that will drive more traffic and revenue to your business.

SEO Coaching

Are you looking for an SEO coach to help you and your team grow your business?

A good SEO coach will do a lot more than show you ways to get Google to find you. They’ll show you how to convert your visitors into customers.

Does this describe you:

  • I’m looking for SEO coaching to help drive sales for my business
  • I want to get found on Google Maps when someone searches for companies like mine
  • I want to build my company’s brand so prospects see us as experts in our field
  • I have a marketing person who wants to learn SEO techniques from a skilled SEO coach
  • I want to build my own expertise in SEO so I can offer SEO services 

If any of these situations describes you, then’s SEO coaching services as well as our self-paced SEO online courses can help. SEO Coaching can help

My name is Raj Khera, Managing Partner and Publisher of I provide SEO coaching online or in-person in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

I’ve built companies from the ground up, turning them into multi-million dollar entities that were acquired by public firms for an aggregate value of over $30 million. I now coach businesses who are looking to achieve similar success.

This article will give you an overview of what you should expect from an SEO coach and what you can expect from the SEO coaching services that my team and I offer at See my LinkedIn profile (link below) for tips you’ll enjoy.

marketing coaching raj khera
Raj Khera SEO Coach
  • Managing Partner,
  • Past CEO & CMO of 3 companies
  • Growth Advisor and Board Member
  • Multiple business exits (over $30 million aggregate sale value)
  • Bestselling author, The IT Marketing Crash Course
Because of Raj's leadership, I saw vast improvements in lead generation and was able to do my job more effectively.
Holt Truitt
Holt Truitt
Strategic AE, Pegasystems
Raj is one of those rare individuals who has sharp business acumen and great communication skills. I always learn a lot from him.
Mac Gupta
Mac Gupta
VP, Rocket Software
Raj is highly regarded as his deep technical knowledge is equally balanced with a clear understanding of marketing and business management.
richard rist
Richard Rist
CEO, Intellor Group

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What Is an SEO Coach?

SEO coaches work with your company to learn the nuances of your target audience and buyer journey. Then, they train your staff on SEO strategies that incorporate your business and marketing goals.

  • They help you build the skillset to attract qualified leads through modern SEO techniques and move them through your sales process.
  • A good SEO coach helps you understand how to create a keyword strategy that aligns with your ideal client profile.
  • They can also guide you on content discovery techniques and workflows that help you stay on track as you execute an SEO strategy. 
  • Moreover, a coach identifies and recommends appropriate SEO tools that make sense for your business and offers professional guidance to make the most of these assets.
  • The best coaches teach you how to create and blend a content marketing roadmap with a customer journey for consistent lead flow and sustained growth. See these examples: SEO for Life Coaches and MSP SEO Keywords.
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SEO Coaching by

Work with an SEO coach who has a 20-year proven track record of attracting qualified prospects using SEO techniques and converting them into paying customers.

Our SEO coaching is designed to generate sales for your business.

You can expect to see increases in your website traffic using the strategy and techniques I’ll share with you and your team. But there’s much more to good SEO coaching:

  • Turn website traffic into paying customers

This is the primary reason growing companies choose for SEO coaching services. I look at SEO holistically as part of your overall growth efforts.

Do I Need an SEO Coach?

Good SEO makes marketing and sales much easier.

And a good coach can save you lots of time and money. I mean lots!

  • Are you struggling to find qualified leads?
  • Are you attracting the wrong type of prospect?
  • Do you feel your SEO activities aren’t helping you drive sales?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a good SEO coach can take you from languishing to thriving.

But do you need an SEO coach or a consultant?

That depends entirely on your goals. The key difference is training vs. deliverables.

Let’s take a closer look at the roles of a coach and a consultant to see which one makes the most sense for your business.

what is executive coaching
Raj is extraordinarily gifted in marketing and always goes the extra mile to help. I recommend him without qualification.
bruce kehr
Dr. Bruce Kehr
Founder, Painscript
What a great role model... innovative, kind, savvy and wicked smart. Raj is a continual source of inspiration and support.
nancy belmont
Nancy Belmont
CEO, Vessence Corp.
Raj helps you find a path through and around obstacles to make progress and have an impact. Such a pleasure to work with him.
Michael A Peterson
Michael Peterson
VP Corp. Dev, Cricket Media

Difference Between SEO Consultant and SEO Coach

What Does an SEO Consultant Do? 

An SEO consultant is typically hired for a specific deliverable. It is usually based on a project. For instance, you may seek their help in:

  • Generating an SEO audit and other reports
  • Developing a keyword strategy and identifying content topics
  • Implementing projects and tracking keyword performance

They can work with your team, but for the most part, they do a majority of the work independently. You can also provide an SEO consultant with your inputs and have the deliverable tailored to your requirements.

What Does an SEO Coach Do? 

Like a sports coach, your SEO coach teaches you and your team what to do, which builds your internal expertise and saves you money in the long run.

A SEO coach can: 

  • Help you set up SEO processes, including content strategy
  • Guide you on critical functions and what steps to take and when 
  • Recommend and teach you how to utilize appropriate SEO tools 
  • Identify SEO tactics that supplement your marketing plan 
  • Offer advice on marketing costs and how to reduce them 

An SEO coach’s ultimate goal is to make your team self-sufficient so they can develop effective strategies on their own.

marketing building blocks

Finding the Right Keywords

Using a data-driven approach, you can identify keywords with high search volume and low “keyword difficulty.” This increases your chances of attracting qualified prospects quickly.

Ready to learn more? Schedule your free SEO coaching consultation now.

Strong SEO Results

Do the SEO strategies you’ll learn through our coaching actually work?

You bet! Take a look at this example. Within weeks of posting this strategically optimized article with a carefully researched keyword, we were able to attract qualified leads through natural indexing on Google.

No ad fees, just organic traffic on the rise.

Examples of SEO Coaching Results

My SEO coaching is designed to complement your overall marketing and sales efforts. Here’s a sampling of my past projects and results.

  • Turned around a stagnant content and product marketing effort into a lead generating machine, including creating and hosting webinars that attract 300-500 registrants (in some cases 900-1000) every 2-4 weeks compared to sporadic webinars a few times a year that used to attract only 50-60 existing clients.
  • Increased Top 10 SEO rankings from 155 to over 500 while generating an overall increase in Top 100 rankings from 1,900 to 6,300 in two years; boosted social media footprint from 11,000 to 62,000 followers. Created a series of blogs, guides and marketing funnels to support continued growth in thought leadership.
  • Streamlined numerous operational and marketing processes, including demand generation from SEO which increased qualified meetings with enterprise prospects from 10 per month to 3 or more per day.
  • Provided SEO training to resellers of a large SaaS business to enable them to sell more of their products through easy-to-implement SEO techniques.
raj khera

Long-Term Gains vs. Quick Project Delivery

Hiring an SEO coach can deliver long-term benefits. It’s a big picture approach. I’ll train your team to become more capable, which is very cost-efficient. It’s also important to remember that your team is a valuable asset in itself.

A competent and well-trained marketing team will help you gain an edge over the competition and continue to perform amid new business challenges. 

If you hired an SEO consultant instead of a coach, the benefits you get are short-term since the focus is more on delivering a project than on enhancing the skills of you and your team.

big picture

SEO Coaching vs. Pay Per Click

You might be thinking: is it better to invest in SEO Coaching or Pay Per Click campaigns? This video shows a data-driven answer that compares the cost of each method.

  • SEO coaching enables you create a long-term inbound stream of qualified leads at a lower average cost per lead
  • Pay per click (PPC) generates leads faster but stops immediately once you stop paying and is much more expensive overall

SEO results in higher return on investment by a wide margin. Your cost to acquire a customer decreases because once your search-optimized content is live, it will continue to bring in new business.

Full Lifecycle SEO

More website traffic isn’t enough to generate more sales.

At, I work to empower your team to sell more of your products and services. Take a look at this video on the best email subject line I’ve found to generate a positive response.

As a 3x CEO and CMO having grown multi-million dollar companies from the ground up, the coaching I provide is designed to help you address the full spectrum of marketing options to help you achieve your business goals.

You’ll get the experience and resources to help you avoid expensive mistakes. Set up an appointment using the link above for an insightful conversation about growing your business.

Building Your Internal SEO Expertise

If you are growing your marketing team, you’ll need to coordinate your SEO efforts with your marketing team.

We will help you streamline the SEO activities with your other marketing roles such as:

  • Team lead
  • Website designer
  • Content creator 
  • Graphic designer 
  • Keyword planner
  • Email campaign manager
  • Video specialist
  • Social media marketing specialist 
  • Demand generation manager

Besides this, you might also need to coordinate SEO with a brand manager, public relations manager or firm, product marketing manager, campaign manager, your sales team, and others.

For small businesses, many of these roles can be done by a few individuals or a small marketing team.

In fact, many companies use a seasoned coach to train the team. This is a far less expensive approach, especially for mindful budgets, and provides immense value to the business.

You can also hire an SEO coach to supplement your team. We can work directly with the team lead or the business owner to align marketing and SEO strategies and activities with your business goals.

Once a strategy is in place, we can coach your team and guide them on the best way to execute it.

We can also help you set up KPIs and benchmarks for success. You can use these to measure the effectiveness of your SEO activities and improve them.

SEO Strategy Experts

Take a look at the site you’re on right now: It’s one of the top ranked sites for marketing plan examples and sample business plans. Google sends over 60,000 unique individuals who are looking for business guidance each month to this site.

It didn’t get these rankings by accident. There’s a lot of strategic SEO that my team and I implemented and I can show you exactly what to do to attract qualified leads to your business.

Interested in seeing a sampling? This quick video shares an idea you can implement right now on your website to convert lost traffic into potential leads. It focuses on the 404 page, which is usually left untouched by most companies.

Hire Your Personal SEO Coach

If you want to:

  • Capture a constant stream of prospects who are looking for products and services that you provide
  • Learn to achieve amazing results using smart SEO strategies
  • Add SEO to your marketing team’s skill set

Then your next step is simple.

Schedule a free consultation using the green button below. There’s no obligation and our dialog will not be a sales pitch.

We’ll discuss your goals and see if SEO coaching from is the right fit for you.