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Welcome to MoreBusiness.com! We’ll show you how to develop a millionaire mindset so you can become a millionaire in 5 years.

About MoreBusiness.com

My name is Raj Khera. I’m one of the partners who publishes MoreBusiness.com and my personal goal is to help 250 people become millionaires within 5 years of starting their business.

raj khera millionaire mindsetDoes this feel like a stretch to you? It did to me when I started my first business from a spare bedroom.

I was excited and scared and made a lot of mistakes.

I’ve since built 3 businesses, each one acquired by public companies for millions of dollars.

I now advise small business owners on how to grow their companies to achieve tremendous success.

I’m confident that you can do it. It starts with cultivating your innate millionaire mindset (yes, I guarantee you have one) and taps into your creativity to get more business, which is why we call this site MoreBusiness.com.

I’ll show you how to attract customers for your business through strategic search engine optimization (SEO). Then, you’ll see how to apply smart marketing to convert your new-found prospects into paying customers.

This site is filled 4,000 articles, dozens of free templates and a growing list of marketing and seo videos, webinars and courses to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey – and become a millionaire.

Millionaire Mindset: How to Think Like a Millionaire

The millionaire mindset enables you to see farther, think faster, and take actions that drive wealth into your life. Let me share an example:

Fast forward one year.

one year business party
Would you prepare all the food for your office party? No, you would outsource it. Growth comes from leverage.

You’re throwing an office party to celebrate your success.

Are you in the kitchen chopping all of the veggies and cheese to decorate the food platters for the party?

Of course not! You outsourced that to a caterer.

That’s the millionaire mindset!

The question you ask yourself every day is “what is the best use of my time?”

Side note: if you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant.

Growth comes from leverage.

When you can get someone else to do a task faster and cheaper, you free up your precious time for the things that matter most – things that will help you become a millionaire.

The millionaire mindset definition is simple: it is a frame of reference that allows you see opportunities constantly in every aspect of your life rather than obstacles.

You look for things that can accelerate what you want rather than reasons why it won’t happen.

  • Simple example: when you need to dig a trench, would you use a spoon or a shovel?

Too many small business owners are their own assistants.

And worse, they’re using a spoon to dig a trench – that is, they’re not using the right tools to grow their business.

You can scale your impact and productivity by leveraging other resources.

The millionaire mindset enables you think “how can I make things happen,” not “I can’t afford it.” This simple mental shift removes the obstacles that are holding you back.

Millionaire Marketing Mindset

millionaire mindsetOver 25 years ago, I started my first company in a spare bedroom. I was trained as an engineer and had no idea how to get clients.

I certainly didn’t have the millionaire mindset and I didn’t know anything about marketing.

It’s not something I was taught in school and the only resources I could access were the books at my local library.

Back then, there were no online courses and anything that was in-person was far too expensive.

Through trial and error (lots of error), I learned which marketing methods attract the best clients – you know, the ones that pay you a lot and don’t give you headaches.

The most effective marketing techniques have one thing in common: they educate prospects throughout their “buyer journey.”

This builds trust at all stages of the buying cycle, including retaining clients so they don’t go to a competitor.

Educational marketing generates qualified leads and converts prospects into long-term customers.

Uh oh

Problem: where’s the time to write a business plan? Or find the right tools? Plus…

  • Hiring professional writers and marketing experts is expensive. Ouch!
  • How do I hire a team and manage them for growth?
  • Which tools or products are the right fit for my business?

MoreBusiness.com solves these marketing challenges for you with free business templates and leadership and marketing training.

It provides insightful marketing tactics, curated product recommendations and downloadable content to help you get more business.

Why is this free?

When you start a business, which is really the fastest path to financial independence, you have more time than money (usually).

So, we try to make as much as possible free so you have access to the tools and resources you need as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Use the content we provide free – it will help grow your millionaire mindset.

We make our money on affiliate relationships with products that we use ourselves and therefore recommend and with courses that we’ve participated in developing with our partners so we know they’re good.

And for those who are ready to scale, I offer personalized coaching programs designed to help you make more money faster. Even Michael Jordon had a basketball coach. I’m that coach for business executives.

Listen to my leadership podcast on getting more business →

There’s no requirement to purchase anything on this site.

We only provide links to products and services as an option when you’re ready to grow faster, like in our millionaire mindset catering example above.

What’s Holding You Back from the Millionaire Mindset?

I’ve personally spoken with hundreds of small business owners about growing their companies. The most common reasons excuses I hear are:

millionaire in 5 years
Why am I holding $24M in candy bars?
  • I don’t want to start marketing till my website is ready
  • I don’t have the budget
  • I’m still putting my plan together
  • I haven’t formalized my service offering yet
  • I have a sore finger

Okay, I got that last one from The Sound of Music, but you get my point. The sooner you start, the sooner your dreams will come true.

Learn Millionaire Mindset Tactics

Word of mouth will only take you so far.

If you’re not actively marketing your business, you’re limiting your growth.

Every webinar, guide and tutorial on this site contains step-by-step marketing tactics to find new leads and land new clients. You’ll learn how to:

  • Attract qualified prospects using the concept of small purchases
  • Leverage breaking news to increase awareness about your services
  • Tweak your website to improve your Google rankings
  • Convert website visitors into qualified leads
  • Follow up with leads gone cold

The vast majority of our marketing training is free. Just click on the How To tab above.

And if you’d like to save time and money in getting the content to power your marketing, you can grow your business with our professionally-written articles, guides, alerts, slide decks, email campaign sequences, deep training courses, product recommendations and more.

Who runs this site?

MoreBusiness.com is published by Khera Communications, Inc., a holding company owned by me, Raj Khera, and my brother, Dr. Vivek (Vick) Khera. Our team includes professional writers, editors, designers and others who create the rock solid content, including files you can download, you’ll find on this site.

IT Marketing Crash CourseI’m the former CEO of MailerMailer, which made the popular email and content marketing tools, named MailerMailer and Presstacular, and author of the #1 bestseller The IT Marketing Crash Course.

Vick is the technology genius behind our businesses. He makes it all run like clockwork.

MailerMailer was acquired by j2 Global Nasdaq:JCOM in 2017. We’ve also built and sold other businesses: GovCon – acquired in 1999, FilterPoint – acquired in 2009, DiscussThis – acquired in 2014). Another venture I helped grow is WealthEngine, which was acquired in 2020.

I love building companies.

I also love advising business owners on how to build theirs.

I’ve been a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Marketing Officer, and a Growth Advisor to several high growth businesses.

The millionaire mindset has helped me create financial stability for my family and achieve very high returns for my investors (not that you need an investor to grow your small business). Read my interview in the Founder Spotlight on Finance Strategists.

Now, I’m focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs skillfully navigate the nuances of building a company. It starts with cultivating your millionaire mindset.

Why 250 multi-millionaires, 5 years?

It’s a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-sensitive. Your goals should be SMART, too.

Download our free goal setting template →

MoreBusiness.com will help you develop a millionaire mindset so that you attract immense wealth into your life and become a millionaire in 5 years. You can do it!

  • The millionaire mindset starts with setting specific goals.
  • Millionaires never stop learning.
  • Multi-Millionaires focus on what they do best and outsource the rest.

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