5 Minute Prompt Engineering Course for Marketing

This prompt engineering course for marketing shows you how to transform a basic ChatGPT prompt into a one that generates truly amazing content.
prompt engineering course free

Learn prompt engineering in 5 minutes. This free prompt engineering course for marketing shows you exactly how to transform a basic ChatGPT prompt that generates middle-school responses into unique content that is perfectly tuned to your business and your audience.

You’ll go from basic to amazing generative AI content in minutes.

Prompt Engineering Course for Marketing

Prompt engineering has become a wildly popular field ever since the public release of ChatGPT in December 2022. This article and included video comprise this free prompt engineering course for digital marketing.

This is a no-fluff prompt engineering video course. The example I use is for a professional career coach, but you can swap the example text for any type of business or topic and use the process in this prompt engineering digital marketing course to generate deeper, richer responses that you can use with minimal editing.

Watch the 5 minute video version below – and keep reading for more details. Inside:

0:00 Intro to Prompt Engineering Course
0:21 Basic Prompt, Basic Answer
0:53 What Goes Into an Advanced ChatGPT Prompt
2:18 Tuning Prompts for Your Exact Intent
3:27 Prompts to Create an SEO Content Cluster
4:14 Characteristics of the Best ChatGPT Prompts

3 Goals for This Free Prompt Engineering Course

In this introductory prompt engineering course, you will quickly learn how to:

  1. Add specific thoughts in your prompts to generate stronger, tighter responses from ChatGPT
  2. Iterate your prompts so ChatGPT understands the audience you are writing for
  3. Modify prompts so that you

Prompt Engineering Using ChatGPT for SEO

In addition to content ideation, ChatGPT can help you create content that is optimized for search engines, a process known as SEO that I’ve covered quite a bit on this website (see my guide on the Top 10 Google Ranking Factors).

The key component of prompt engineering is to iterate your inputs for ChatGPT to refine the content you are requesting it to produce. The tool is an assistant, not a replacement. The more details you provide on what you are looking for, the closer it will be to generating content that aligns with your intent.

SEO Benefits of Prompt Engineering

This marketing tactic helps you tap into the steady stream of prospects who are​ searching for businesses like yours on Google – without paying for ads.​​

If you’re in startup mode, add this process to your marketing plan because it’s so effective in generating rich content ideas.

Now, you’ve heard that posting educational content will help you win business. It’s true. In this example, I’ll use “career happiness” as the topic (again, swap it out for a keyword related to your business).

Here’s the SEO Secret

Never ​post only 1 or 2 articles on a topic.

Write at least 5.

This creates a “content cluster” which in turn increases the chances you’ll get ranked higher by Google for all related content.

ChatGPT can help you come up with ​article ​ideas, but if your prompt is not detailed, you’ll get back junk responses.

Prompt Engineering Course

Let’s start. I’ve outlined several prompts with iterations below to illustrate how you can go from basic to amazing in just a few minutes. Each example shows what to add to increase the precision of the response.

Basic ChatGPT Prompt

→ Write 5 article ideas on career happiness

Basic Response

  • Unlocking Career Happiness: Strategies for Finding Fulfillment in Your Work
  • The Key to Career Happiness: Aligning Your Passions and Skills
  • Navigating Career Transitions: How to Pursue Happiness in a New Field
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment: Cultivating Career Happiness
  • The Power of Work-Life Balance: Achieving Career Happiness and Personal Fulfillment

basic chatgpt prompt

While these are a good start, they are all quite similar so the content cluster you’re trying to create will seem too similar. Google could interpret that as if you’re simply spinning one article to create multiple versions.

This basic prompt is where most ChatGPT users stop. They settle for the basic response. This prompt engineering course changes this mindset.

So, we’ll type a much more detailed prompt into ChatGPT.

Advanced ChatGPT Prompt

→ Write 5 related topic ideas in the form of catchy article titles on the following topic: career happiness. Use alternative ways to phrase the topic using keyword variations that a prospect might search on for related terms. Keep the length under 60 characters for each title. Include a description below each one to note the key points that should be discussed in the article.

The character length note is important because 60 is usually the maximum width that Google displays for article titles in its search results.

Advanced ChatGPT Results

  • Find Your Joy at Work: Unleashing Career Happiness – This article explores practical tips and strategies to discover and cultivate career happiness, including identifying your passions, aligning values with your job, and creating a positive mindset.
  • Cracking the Code: Secrets to Career Bliss Revealed – Delve into the lesser-known factors that contribute to career happiness, such as autonomy, meaningful work, supportive relationships, and opportunities for growth and development.
  • Unveiling the Happiness Equation: Work + Purpose = Fulfillment – Discusses the importance of finding purpose and meaning in your career, highlighting the connection between aligning your work with your values, passions, and personal goals to achieve lasting career happiness.
  • Embracing Change: Paving a Path to Career Contentment – Explores the role of adaptability and embracing change in career satisfaction, including strategies for navigating career transitions, embracing new challenges, and finding opportunities for growth and fulfillment.
  • Balancing Act: Work-Life Harmony for Lasting Career Happiness – Examines the significance of work-life balance in maintaining career happiness, providing insights on setting boundaries, managing stress, prioritizing self-care, and achieving a healthy integration of work and personal life.

advanced chatgpt prompt

You can see how these responses are much closer to what we’re looking for. Additionally, they include topic ideas that you can use to create video clips or starting points for deeper blogs.

Keep in mind, however, that we’re looking for content that would be relevant for a career coach. So, we’ll keep iterating.

ChatGPT Prompt Iteration for Exact Audience

→ Write topics that a life coach who focuses on careers can share as material with their prospects

New Results:

  • Designing Your Dream Career: Strategies for Setting Clear Goals and Action Plans – This topic focuses on helping individuals clarify their career aspirations, set specific and achievable goals, and create actionable plans to proactively work towards their desired career path.
  • Discovering Your Passion: Uncovering Hidden Talents and Interests for Career Success – Explores techniques and exercises to help individuals identify their passions, talents, and unique strengths, empowering them to make informed career choices that align with their true interests and abilities.
  • Building a Personal Brand: Crafting an Authentic and Compelling Professional Image – Discusses the importance of personal branding in today’s competitive job market, providing guidance on developing a strong and authentic professional brand that showcases skills, expertise, and values to enhance career opportunities.
  • Mastering Effective Communication: Unlocking the Power of Networking and Building Relationships – Focuses on the essential role of effective communication in career advancement, covering topics such as networking strategies, relationship building, and cultivating strong professional connections to open doors and create opportunities.
  • Overcoming Career Obstacles: Strategies for Resilience, Adaptability, and Growth – Explores common career challenges and setbacks, offering practical tools and mindset techniques to navigate obstacles, build resilience, embrace change, and turn setbacks into opportunities for personal and professional growth.

prompt engineering for marketing

Bingo! Now we are very close to the ideal topics that we’re seeking. The way we did it was to use a prompt that told ChatGPT who we are, our persona if you will. This allows generative AI to model text that is in line with the type of audience we are trying to reach.

This step is one of the most important parts of prompt engineering. Without provide such detailed guidance, you will get back basic responses that miss the mark.

We can keep iterating. Here’s another example of using the prompt to add more ideas for our content cluster.

Content Cluster Prompt

​→ Include topics about questions one might ask themselves about whether or not to change careers

Additional Results

  • Career Crossroads: Asking the Right Questions to Determine if a Career Change is Right for You – Explores a series of thought-provoking questions individuals can ask themselves to evaluate their current career satisfaction, assess their long-term goals and values, and determine whether a career change might be the right path for them.
  • Passion vs. Practicality: Balancing Heart and Mind in Career Decision Making – Discusses the importance of considering both passion and practicality when contemplating a career change, providing guiding questions to help individuals assess the feasibility, risks, and potential rewards of pursuing a new professional path.
  • Aligning with Your True Calling: Soul-Searching Questions to Uncover Your Ideal Career – Explores introspective questions that encourage individuals to reflect on their deepest desires, values, and sense of purpose, helping them gain clarity on whether their current career aligns with their true calling or if a change is necessary.
  • Exploring New Horizons: Questions to Assess Potential Career Options and Opportunities – Provides a set of questions aimed at helping individuals explore and evaluate potential career paths, considering factors such as skill sets, interests, market demand, growth potential, work-life balance, and personal fulfillment.
  • Evaluating Risks and Rewards: Questions to Gauge the Practicality of a Career Change – Focuses on practical considerations when contemplating a career change, guiding individuals to ask themselves questions related to financial implications, required retraining or education, job market conditions, and potential impact on their personal and professional lives.

prompts for seo content clusters

The additional ideas will help the content cluster we’re creating because they talk about a concept related to the main theme: career topics. The career coach who adds content to their site about these issues can gain an advantage over others because most competitors will simply talk about themselves and their services.

With prompt engineering using ChatGPT, you can quickly identify dozens of unique ideas that are aligned with the type of clients you want to attract.

You can keep iterating the prompts to hone in on relevant topics that will resonate with your audience.

Next Step for Prompt Engineering

This prompt engineering course for digital marketing is the first step in producing original, engaging content that will help you put your content marketing efforts on a fast track. There are other components of a prompt engineering strategy and I will cover those in other articles, which I will link below as I write them.

My focus is to help you use your creativity as the spark that leverages ChatGPT’s generative AI capabilities. As I noted earlier, it’s not a replacement for your brain power. It’s an assistant.

Tweak these titles as you see fit to ​create a series of articles that ​form an interlinked content cluster that highlights your expertise.

​This keyword cluster strategy sends Google the signal that you’re an authority on this topic.

The result: higher rankings​ that attract more prospects​.

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