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Negotiation Video: How to Overcome Price Resistance

Here is a proven strategy to negotiate pricing in your favor when a customer asks for a lower price. This video includes sample dialogs you can use to show your customer why your prices are worth it.

Video: How to Qualify Prospects

"Two-Minute Take-Away" Video Series Find out the two things that your best prospects will do before they even ask you for a quote. Plus,...

Negotiation One Liners

Here is a video of some extremely effective one liners to negotiate a better deal. The technique described in this video is known as the...

How to Conduct an Annual Business Plan Meeting

http://www.youtube.com/v/59M4J-Qu2Zw See how our sister site, MailerMailer, conducts their annual business planning meeting every January. Highlights: Create a list of accomplishments and shortcomings of the...