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Get pre-written content for your website pages, blog content, newsletters, email campaigns, and other marketing content.

Our very affordable content license allows you to use high quality articles, guides, slide decks and other content to market your small business! It’s much cheaper than hiring expensive copywriters or journalists, plus you can edit the content to fit your business.

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Win more business using professionally written educational marketing content that you can edit. Shop for individual articles or bundles to get pre-written content that positions you as an expert. Download high-quality content instantly from our Content Kits.

Attract Qualified Leads

Get more business by using educational articles and guides to keep in touch with clients and prospects.

Edit our marketing content if you’d like or simply post it straight to your website, blog and newsletter. Share it with prospects at sales meetings. Mention it on social media to increase your brand awareness. You’ll get qualified leads.

Save Time and Money with Pre-Written Blog Articles

Our marketing content kits are designed for busy professionals who want quality marketing material but don’t have time to write it. Download our SEO-friendly business and technology articles, white papers, website pages, and slide presentations today.

Pick one item or a few — or download a content bundle to use as a constant stream of fresh articles for your website, blog or newsletter.

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Marketing Newbie?

See our free marketing webinars and how to articles to learn exactly what to do step-by-step.

Quickly learn how to find prospects who are just like your best clients, what to put on your website to get more traffic, how to convert that traffic into qualified leads, and much more — for free!

Using Our Content Kits: Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the marketing content?

All of our marketing content is written by our US-based writers, most of whom are professional journalists.

We do not outsource marketing content development to low-cost workers with a sub-par command of English.

Here is how our editorial process works:

  1. Our editorial team meets to discuss ideas for articles, including trending topics.
  2. The managing editor assigns articles to each writer.
  3. The writer drafts a detailed outline for approval by the managing editor.
  4. Once approved, the writer drafts the document, which is reviewed and edited by other writers and the managing editor for final approval.
  5. The final document is added to our library and is made available to clients.

Can I edit the blog content?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of using our marketing content is that you can edit it as much or as little as you would like.

Customize it with your logo, client testimonials, project descriptions, and links to your products/services and contact form.

What format is the content in?

All of our documents are in Microsoft Word format so you can copy/paste them very easily into your blog, newsletter, or website. Each file includes an excerpt to use in your web page’s meta description tag or as a teaser in a printed handout that you create from the blog content.

Our slide decks are in Microsoft PowerPoint format so you can apply your favorite PowerPoint theme with just a few clicks to create a custom look for your presentations, seminars or webinars.

Can you write custom content just for me?

Since we are not an agency, we do not create custom marketing content for each client.

That said, many of our clients use our content as a starting point to create their own original work. One option is to hire inexpensive writers to redraft our professionally-written material using new words.

This combination is much cheaper than hiring a writer to draft original work from scratch.

Where can I use the marketing content that I buy?

Our license allows you to use the content that you purchase for your organization’s website, blog, newsletter (print or email), seminars, webinars, sales documents, flyers, handouts and related materials, and with marketing automation tools such as GetResponse, MailChimp, Hubspot, and others. Many small businesses use our blog content as their newsletter content for email campaigns.

Quick note: don’t post the entire article on another site, including social media (such as a LinkedIn article post). Instead, post the article on your website and then share a link to it on social media as a status update.

Please read our full Terms of Use for details and restrictions.

Will your marketing content kits help my SEO?

Possibly. There are numerous factors that go into search engine optimization, SEO. These include backlinks to your site, tagging, site structure, and original content.

Since it’s almost always easier to edit something than to write it from scratch, some of our clients use our pre-written content as a starting point from which they create original blog content or newsletter content.

All of our pre-written articles are well-researched so the content is high quality. You might consider hiring a journalism student at a local university to rewrite our articles in their own words to get content that is 100% original for your site.

Remember, unique content is not the only factor for ranking well on Google. Inbound links from other high quality sites plays a major role. Attend our free webinars to learn more about what you can do to gain more visibility.

Is your branding on the articles and other content?

No, we do not put any of our branding on our paid content so you can make it look like it’s your own for your website. You do not need to mention that you got the marketing content from us, nor do we require you to include any legal notices. We do own the copyright to all content we produce, as noted in our license, so you cannot claim the content as your own.

For your protection, you may want to include a disclaimer notice on your website to tell readers that the content on your site is for informational purposes only and that they should consult with a professional (like you) prior to implementing any recommendations.

I have little to no time for marketing. Any options?

Yes! Marketing automation.

Watch our webinar on how to set this up for your business using our marketing content kits and free or very inexpensive tools.

Do you have content in other languages?

At this time, our content is only in English. Here are two ways to convert it into other languages:

  1. Hire a student from a local university who is studying English or is fluent in English and your local language. They are inexpensive to hire and would love the chance to gain experience translating documents.
  2. Use a free machine translation service like Google Translate to generate a first draft, then spend a few minutes fixing up parts that weren’t translated properly.

How do I earn and use reward points to get blog content?

Join our rewards program (coming soon) free and you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Use your points to buy additional content.

You can also earn points for following us on social media, attending a webinar or other activities. Upon signing up for our rewards program, we’ll send you an email with all of ways you can start earning points immediately — even without buying anything from us.

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