5 Effective Seminar Marketing Strategies

In my business, I organize seminars quite often as a means of getting new business and increasing my business' exposure. But organizing a seminar isn't quite as easy as it looks!

Organization of seminars as a business is challenging, enjoyable, exciting and exhausting. In comparison to other business activities, effective marketing strategies are crucial for success of the seminar. Following are some marketing ideas you can use for your seminars:

1. Utilize Relationships and Referrals

Relationship selling is always better than starting out with cold calls. People are more willing to listen if they know the person talking to them personally, or even if they have been referred.

2. Newspaper Advertising

You can make use of print media in two ways. Either buy advertising space for your seminar program, or get interviewed by a reporter, using a press release. The print medium is very effective and is sure to lure a considerable amount of customers.

3. Cold Calling

Cold calling is necessary when you need to build a list of prospects. Skim through business directories to get contact details for prospective customers within your target market. Get the contact details of the person in charge and mail or fax the information about your seminar.

4. Collaborate With Other Businesses

You can collaborate with other businesses and tap into their database of customers. However, these businesses will also want to make sure that the offer is of benefit to their business as well. So make sure that you are able to offer something of value.

5. Organize Free Seminars

You can organize free seminars, which are bound to attract a curious audience who want to know what you are offering – without investing any money. You can also offer to speak at events and other seminars for free.

By following these 5 simple seminar tips, you can ensure that your seminars are well attended and generate tons of new business!

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