5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

While the holiday shopping frenzy begins the day after Thanksgiving, you should be ready to implement your holiday sales plan. Social media should have a prominent place in your marketing campaign this holiday season. How will you use social media to promote your holiday and end-of-year sales?

Here are five tips for you to consider when using your small business social media accounts:

  1. Ask followers what they are shopping for

    You can utilize social media as a market research tool. Casually inquire to your followers and fans what is on their wish list, or what they are considering to buy for others. This can give you some keen insight to immediate sales trends, and it can help you make small adjustments as necessary to meet those demands.

  2. Offer “12 Days of Christmas” sales

    Nothing gets shoppers in the buying mode than the feeling of participation in holiday traditions. Consider having a “12 Days of Christmas” sale where you list a certain featured item each day for 12 days as a special discount.

  3. Post your sales

    Absolutely make sure that any general holiday sales are posted on your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts. These are your past, present, and potential future customers who already have a mind to buy from you. Be sure they know about your sales.

  4. Give special offers to your followers

    While general holiday sales are nice, it is also nice to treat your loyal followers and fans. Consider offering a very special “fans only” or “Twitter followers” discount. Post these notices liberally each day and watch your loyal customers take advantage of your generosity.

  5. Make a video

    In your social media marketing strategy, don’t forget about YouTube. You can utilize YouTube to upload creative short video clips that you can share on all your other social media platforms. Consider a short video on how to make a great holiday recipe, how to hang a strand of lights on a tree, or simply safety tips during the holidays. By spreading the holiday cheer, you are also spreading your reach amongst potential customers!

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