5 Intranet Essentials For Building a Valuable Business Platform

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Corporate intranets improve business performance in multiple ways. They act as a space for businesses to store content, communicate across teams and reinforce company culture. However, business owners cannot achieve these goals unless they include the top intranet essentials in their designs. You need to build a platform using an array of advanced features. Moreover, you need to implement these features without making the platform too difficult for employees to understand. Achieve this goal by reading this post on the top intranet essentials for building a valuable business platform.

Company Values

Firstly, every great corporate intranet highlights company core values. Designate a specific area in your own platform for this topic. Outline your core values in as simple terms as possible. Then, dive into the specifics of your values. Provide examples of what your culture looks like through various mediums. Use videos, employee quotes and photos. When a business shows employees that they value more than just earning good profits, workers resonate with the brand more. Then, workers feel more motivated. They produce higher quality work at much faster rates as well. Dedicate an entire area on your intranet to company values so you can build a valuable business platform.

Enterprise Search

Another beneficial intranet feature for business is enterprise search. This feature enables employees to find documents they need quickly and easily. The best search engines reduce results for workers. That way, workers do not spend time sifting through thousands of company documents. The top enterprise search tools also offer employees suggested items in their results. This allows workers to receive results even when their searches do not directly match up with stored content. Increase productivity throughout your business with this corporate intranet essential.

Direct Messaging

Similarly, intranet direct messaging tools drive efficiency within the workplace. Most corporations value the intranet definition that focuses on internal communication. They understand that team collaboration drives success. When teams use their platforms to speak with one another, they complete projects at a much faster rate. Include this essential in your intranet design so employees can stay up to date on project progress. Instruct remote workers and in-house employees to communicate deadlines and updates with one another via direct messaging. Explain the benefits of collaborating on ideas and strategies in real-time as well. Employees who use direct messaging provide valuable input regardless of their location. Thus, this is one of the best corporate intranet essentials for building an effective business platform.

Employee Directory

Companies also excel when they include employee directories in their corporate intranets. Your employee directory acts as your contact sheet for the entire business. It includes each employee working in your business. Add each worker’s name, job title, and department. Input each user’s phone number and work email address as well. Then, employees in various departments can contact one another easily. In addition to promoting conversations between units, directories make employees feel valuable.

When you maintain an employee directory, workers view their names as part of a team. Therefore, an intranet directory offers more than convenience. This intranet essential also motivates employees by showcasing their value as team members.

Feedback Area

Finally, include a feedback area in your corporate intranet. This essential includes polls, surveys and quizzes. It offers a safe, fun place for team leaders to receive insight into various work topics. Managers create polls for simple subjects like team lunches. You can ask your workers which type of cuisine they prefer. Find out what days work best for team outings with polls. Post surveys to discover what you could improve within your business. Assure that employees names remain anonymous so that they can state their opinions freely. Use a gamification tool to build engaging quizzes for employees. You can test their knowledge on various subjects in a fun way. This is one of the most crucial intranet essentials for improving the workplace as a whole.

Both large enterprises and small businesses use corporate intranets. These platforms improve productivity levels and reinforce company culture at the same time. Create a valuable platform for your team by dedicating a section of your intranet to company values. Then, add an advanced enterprise search function so workers can find the documents they need quickly. Direct messaging allows teams to collaborate and complete projects faster. Create an employee directory within your platform for workers to find contacts easily. Furthermore, establish a feedback area using surveys, polls and quizzes. Use these intranet essentials to build your own valuable business platform.

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