A Tried and True Approach to Annual Business Planning

I am an avid computer user. I like how convenient it is to keep all of my documents in one place, easy to find… and it doesn't take up a lot of space (unlike my filing cabinet in the corner). Although I'm not currently using one, I have used a Palm Pilot to help me store and retrieve information and share it with my computer.

Although I try to stay technologically current, there is one thing that I have so far not been able to replace in a computer.

My annual calendar. All you have to do is typically look around the Internet for programs — whether freeware, shareware, or commercial — and you'll usually find something that suits your needs. But I have yet to find annual calendar software I enjoy.

Until that day comes, I keep a big annual calendar on my office wall. It's the kind you can get at an office supply store for $20 and you write on it with smelly markers. Perhaps it's the size that I find useful; computer screens are getting bigger but aren't quite big enough yet to give you the at-a-glance that you get from the annual calendar.

My recommendation: get and use an annual calendar to give yourself an at-a-glance view of the year. It makes planning so much easier.

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