5 Tips To Writing Successful and Eye Catching Ad Copy

Snappy, catchy, and memorable: do these characteristics describe your ad copy? Find out how you can write compelling, eye-catching ad copy with these 5 easy tips.

When you submit your advertisement to your local newspaper, is it always the same old copy? If so, how long did you spend developing your headline? Is your ad copy easy to read? How effective is your ad? All these are important questions to ask, especially since your advertising efforts are essential to your small business success. If you cannot recite your ad and have no idea of the ad’s true success, you need to learn these tips on writing ad copy that sells.

What is ad copy? Essentially it is any text that is meant to direct readers to your business. It could be in an advertisement in a newspaper or performing arts program or even paid search advertising. Whatever the case, you need to know how to write ad copy that catches a reader’s attention and persuades them to read more.

  1. The Headline Says it All

    The headline is probably the most important element of any advertisement copy. If you want ad copy that sells, you need a headline that captures attention and convinces a reader to continue with the full ad. Remember, your ad is usually placed in the midst of other ads and among other articles, so you have to compete for attention.

    Your job is to get that first impression with your headline. Not only must you grab attention, but your headline must draw the reader into the body of the ad, and in most cases, deliver the complete ad message.

    When you are writing ad copy, set your headline above the rest of the ad text in a bold font. Try using a different font as well to set it apart. You can deliver the full ad in the headline such as the famous Geico headline, “Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” It’s short, succinct, and contains the full message.

  2. Sell the Benefits

    Listing the features of your product, service, or sale is nice, but it’s the benefits that sell to consumers. If you want ad copy that sells, be sure to list the benefits to the reader. Will they save money? Will they have whiter teeth? Will they enjoy the best Mediterranean meal in town? Writing ad copy should prominently state the benefits to the reader. In many cases, you have limited space, so state only the most important benefit.

  3. Use Bullet Points

    Writing ad copy that is easy to read means keeping it short and succinct. Use bullet points to show benefits, highlight features, or list details. This keeps it easy for readers to take in the full text of your ad.

  4. Use Limited Graphics

    A photo or graphic can help the ad and even grab attention, but be sure it blends well with the ad text. Remember, it’s the text that sells – the image should only reinforce the text.

  5. Clear Call to Action

    What should the reader do to take advantage of the ad? When you write ad copy that sells, you need to provide clear instructions. Tell them to go to your website or give your physical address. Explain that the sale ends soon and they need to call today. A clear call to action will be the solidifier for your ad sale.

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