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You are thinking of starting your own business and are almost done with the initial legwork, so by now you should know that success of your business depends on your marketing strategies. It is important to make sure that your marketing and publicity efforts are focused on the people you want to attract.

In order to establish a rapport with your customers, it is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. While print and TV ads are some of the best known and effective options, these can be very expensive and often beyond the reach of most small business owners.

Read on to find out about other options that are effective and relatively less expensive – though each one has its own set of pros and cons.

Direct Mail

A huge number of companies depend on direct mail to reach out to their target audience. Using this method, you will not only be able to get the attention of your prospective customers, but you will also able to build a one-on-one relationship with them. Be aware though, that if you are operating on a shoestring budget, you may not be able to afford this option, because the cost of direct mail marketing can be quite high.

In direct mail, there are raw material costs pertaining to paper, ink, and stamps and also labor costs involved in printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing literature. Many small businesses are leveraging the power of direct mail by sending emails to eliminate the cost factor. But email may not be a very good idea for new businesses, as the spam filters present in most email programs will limit the number of customers that you can contact.

Even if prospective customers do get your email, they are likely to delete it before even reading it. This method usually works for small businesses that have already carved out their niche in the consumer market.

Yellow Pages

Placing an ad in the Yellow Pages was once one of the most popular methods of advertising used by traditional businesses. In fact, having an ad in the Yellow Pages was a necessity, as it was the first source that customers would look to for finding the goods or services they needed. As times changed and the Internet came into
existence, people soon began to browse the online for their necessities.

In addition, mobile phones have replaced landlines in many households, eliminating the need for phone books. The yellow pages may be a good option for reaching the secondary market, but you cannot rely on this method alone to get in touch with your new customers.

Social Networking Sites

The latest trend among younger consumers is to participate in online communities and support friends who are members of those communities. Social communities have revolutionized the traditional methods of marketing for small businesses. The advantage of using social networking as a means of marketing is that you can select your target audience by screening profiles and send a customized message to just those groups.

Lead-Generating Web Sites

Lead generating websites can do wonders for your business and is by far one of the most effective options to get your business noticed. Lead generating companies provide access to the personal information of customers who request information on certain products and services.

As a small business owner, you will have to bear the expenses for setup of your lead generation account and any background checks that are necessary. You’ll also have to pay a fee for each lead you get. The leads obtained are worth the money you spend, because you are able to directly get in touch with only those customers who are interested in having the kind of products and services you specialize in.

If you are a small business owner, then advertising is one of the biggest expenses you will incur. By following the tips above, you can stretch your advertising dollars as far as they will go.

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