5 Small Businesses for People Who Like To Organize

Some of us love to organize and have a place for everything. Some of us are scatterbrained and would lose our heads if they weren't attached to our bodies. If you are the first type, and you want to start your own business, here are 5 great businesses to consider.

There are organizers and non-organizers. It’s funny: each group wonders how the other survives in this world. If you are the organizational type, here are 5 businesses you may want to consider starting.

Wedding Planner: This trend is growing, particularly as weddings are moving out of church-only ceremonies and increasingly being performed in other venues (including industry-specific wedding chapels). People are busy and weddings are times of huge stress and potential conflict for the bride, groom, and their families. A wedding planner helps make that special day even better by making life a little easier for each person AND by helping to reduce the tension that inevitably occurs. Admittedly, this is a very difficult business because it requires a balance between strictness and a soft touch and people remember their weddings forever. It can be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally.

Moving Planner: A move – whether commercial or residential – is a surprisingly complex arrangement that involves many people, vehicles, storage, and intricate timing. Like a wedding, this is another time when people can feel increased stress in their already busy lives and are willing to hire someone else to do a lot of the work. You will outsource packers and movers and arrange times for boxes to be picked up and moved. A key part of your job is to help people feel like they can leave for their job from their old house at the beginning of the day and when they get off of work, they simply go to their new house. An important success ingredient for your job will be to make sure people’s items are transferred with care and to have a back-up plan in case the movers or the truck are late.

Workflow Consultant: Corporations and departments within corporations become giant, sprawling organisms that move inefficiently. Government offices are notorious for this. It’s not their fault, it’s simply a result of years of growth and “plugging the holes” in a business process. Your job as a workflow consultant is to literally “follow the paper trail” from the time it enters the department to the time it leaves the department: who gets documents, when do they get them, how long are they on their desk, etc. A challenge in this job is that people often feel their job is threatened when a workflow consultant comes in so you may meet some resistance. This job is increasing in demand and businesses realize the necessity to run their operations efficiently.

Clutter Advisor: When you open your closet, does anything fall out? If not, you may be qualified to be a clutter advisor! The longer people live somewhere, the more they seem to accumulate. Admittedly, we may not ever need that ball of yarn or those boards with nails in them, but they’re there. A clutter advisor works with residences (and occasionally businesses) to help them reduce the mess and find new space. Through yard sales or eBay, your customers will realize an income from much of their clutter, thereby paying for your services!

Resource Management/Logistics Coordinator: So many companies have resources they need to have managed. Couriers need to keep an eye on their trucks. Taxi cab companies need to monitor where all of their cabs are. Companies that offer delivery need to know where their products are at any one time. They can hire someone in-house to do it or they can hire an outside company. Your job would be to help them locate their resources and manage them, or you might even be called on to improve the system so their resources are better utilized.

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