Increasing Search Engine Ranking: Tips for Site Ranking on Search Engines

Just what is an authoritative site? How can a site that has something to sell look like an authority, especially when all the competition is striving to do the same thing?

Google has outlined a number of ways that a site can appear authoritative. One of those ways is with links, which you should actively be building: get linked from reputable sites, and be sure to link to reputable sites!

Another way is keywords. Keyword density is a popular method of trying to grow in the rankings but it can sometimes make for unreadable content. There are other, better techniques to make an authoritative site.

Another way that Google suggests you create an authoritative site is with fresh, revolving content.

  • Fresh content is new content to your site (not recycled material and definitely not material created by a computer).
  • Revolving content is content that continually gets added and moved around on your site.

Both of these “requirements” can help you appear like you are always tweaking your site to improve it.

But how do you get fresh revolving content without becoming the next Shakespeare or spending money on a freelance writer? Here are two ways:

The first way is to create a publishing calendar for yourself. Develop a once-per-week calendar with 52 entries. Fill out as many as you can and find articles from sites like to help you fill out your schedule. Then start posting!

The second way is easy and you can do it in 15 minutes. You can help to create an authoritative site by putting an RSS feed on your site. (An RSS feed is a program that people can subscribe to. Files of text or sound can be attached to the RSS feed and delivered to the subscriber). By subscribing to an RSS feed and placing it on your site, you will have small, relevant news items and press releases placed on your website and constantly changing. Google will notice and your audience will find the information helpful, too.

Before we tell you what it is, we need to warn you that it sounds technical, but it’s actually extremely easy. We’ll take you through it step by step.

1. Go to

2. Click “Get Feed.”

3. Search through the list of topics to find the topic you want.

4. Search through the list of possible feeds for a feed that will interest your site’s users. Choose that feed to review it and learn more about what information they will be sending to your site.

5. Click the “get code” button at the top of the page.

6. Review the style of the feed (which is pictured at the left) and make sure the shape and color match your site. Then click “email code” and input your address and URL. They will email your code to you.

7. When you get your code, go to your site’s page of code and copy and paste the new code into your site’s existing code.

Don’t get scared off by how technical it sounds. It’s extremely easy and in less than 15 minutes, you’ll be able to turn your site into an authoritative site in Google’s eyes!

Google likes an authoritative site and so do your customers. They’ll have the confidence that you know what you’re talking about and (by providing relevant RSS feeds onto your site) that you understand them.