All You Need To Know About Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms can be thought of as online repositories that allow managers to store and share confidential company information securely.
virtual data rooms

Virtual data rooms have been gaining widespread popularity in the fields of corporate finances, mergers, and acquisitions, and rightly so. Virtual data rooms can be thought of as online repositories that allow managers to store and share confidential company information while ensuring impeccable safety measures that coincide with seamless configuration capabilities.

Virtual data rooms such as Firmex allow companies to be more efficient, intelligent, and collaborative in their daily work life, and if you are a newbie to this world of online repositories, here is everything you need to you about virtual data rooms.

What Are The Uses Of Virtual Data Rooms?

Virtual data rooms have several uses associated with their use which include the obvious aspect of storing and sharing information through a safe medium. Other obvious uses include remote sharing options and convenience. Given below are some of the lesser-known uses of virtual data rooms for startups:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Virtual data rooms are widely used in mergers and acquisitions, and specifically during the due diligence stage of these transactions. During due diligence, companies have to share thousands of documents with their acquiring company for them to perform due diligence and attain satisfaction before materializing the company buying transaction. These documents can be shared in large quantities and transmitted safely with other parties using a virtual data room.


When companies are looking for potential investors to raise funds for their operations, they may have to provide investors with confidential company data in terms of financial information or prospective plans. Virtual data rooms provide a safe platform for companies to do so and also provide a good interface for investors to view and comment on provided files. Investors can also compare different documents and ask questions on the virtual platform.

Strategic Partnerships

During strategic partnerships, both parties require a safe platform to share documents and mutual information. Virtual data rooms provide just that by allowing companies to share data and also allow them to configure who would be able to view what documents and give edit permissions.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Data Rooms?

Virtual data rooms have several benefits associated with their usage some of which are self-explanatory. The number one benefit of using a virtual data room is the obvious aspect of safety and security associated with it. Virtual data rooms allow managers to maintain confidential documents in one place and limit access to them by hence ensuring that they do not come across prying eyes or individuals.

Another benefit associated with the use of a virtual data room is the convenience it offers both managers and employees in terms of sharing data. If an employee needs to share a document with a colleague, they need not open their email and look for an attachment. Rather, they could simply hop onto their virtual data room and add the said colleague’s email address to the folder or file on the data room’s platform.

Virtual data rooms also allow employees to search for a specific file or folder based on keywords, relevance and date added. This task would be extremely time-consuming in the case of a physical repository. Such rooms also allow managers to share the same documents or folders with multiple parties at a time and track their usage.

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