Alternative Advertising Tips

Avoid Being A Copycat!

A common mistake made by small business owners (even me!) is to emulate others when advertising their business. They usually use the services of the yellow pages, newspapers and radio spots. By adopting this approach, you may only end up with low returns that neither help in raising income nor justify spending. Copying the methods adopted by others is no way to deal with the serious business of advertising!

The traditional methods of advertising make little impact these days. You may have to resort to innovative methods of advertising that not only cut down on expenditures, but also produce betters results. The very purpose of advertising is to use all the available media to direct the attention of the customers towards the services and goods offered. Traditional methods of advertising have been in use for ages. However, they are known to produce a negative impact on the average customer, who is fed up by now with traditional approaches.

Offer a Free Product or Service

The trick is to resort to promoting your business with a free offer of a product or service, to some non-profit organization and create an opening for advertising your business. This is most effective for small businesses. One example of this type of advertising is offering free magazines for the waiting room of a doctor. Many patients visit the doctor daily and have to wait for a while before a scheduled appointment. A dozen magazines, offered for free and bound in transparent plastic, with a half page advertisement of your business placed in the pocket of the plastic cover, would give excellent coverage for your business.

Take Advantage of Free Publicity

Another way to advertise is to get free publicity. Announcements of your products and services can be published in magazines. A broadcast on the local radio or TV would work wonders for your business. You could attempt to publish an article in the local paper. You could also contact the local Chamber of Commerce or any other civic association and offer free classes or lectures about the business.

By thinking outside of the box when it comes to advertising, you can get the most bang for your buck and make your business more profitable at the same time!

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