Are You Putting in Too Many Hours?

Are You Putting in Too Many Hours?

Some small business owners have trouble striking a balance between their work life and the rest of their life.

It may seem noble. Everyone has heard stories about the successful businessman who started with nothing and with a few years of putting in 100 hour weeks, built a hugely successful corporation.

The problem is that no one talks about how that businessman’s wife and children felt about all of the hours he was putting in. There is no mention of the effect that it had on his health.

Get Some Help

It’s true that small business owners are going to have to, at times, put in more hours than other workers. But that doesn’t mean that you should run yourself into the ground.
If you have to hire an extra person to pick up some of the slack, then do it.

If you have put a project on hold while you concentrate on another, there is nothing wrong with that.

Set Limits

For some, work is all that matters. If that is how you feel, then this article isn’t really for you. But if you have a family, desire a social life and care about your health, then you simply must limit the number of hours you devote to work each week.

If 40 hour work weeks are not possible, set some kind of limit. Perhaps you could decide never to work on the weekends, or to always be home in time to read the kids a story before bed.

Each business and each business owner is different, so you will have to draw your own limits.

The important thing is to have some limits, and then stick to them as much as possible.

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