Busting 3 Common Sales Myths

Busting 3 Common Sales Myths

There are various sales myths floating around that could prove to be a stumbling block on your road to selling success.

Selling is the fine art of observing your clients’ needs and adapting your sales pitch to fill that need. However, you should be aware of these 3 common sales myths and avoid them if you want to nail that sale.

Myth #1: The More [Volume of Prospective Clients] the Merrier

This myth holds water only if you get the right type of clients.

You may get a large volume of clients, but if most of them do not want your product or service, then you only end up wasting your time and efforts. You need to spend some time identifying your target market.

All other prospective customers will only end up inflating your inquiry book instead of your order book.

Myth #2: Salespeople Are Born, Not Made

Whoever tried to sell you this myth simply doesn’t know their stuff.

The truth is that a little confidence mixed with the right product knowledge and keen observance is what differentiates a good salesperson from a lazy and inefficient one.

Selling is definitely a skill that can be learned.

Myth #3: Concentrate Only On Your Sales

If you follow this myth, you will only end up facing resistance from your prospective customers. Instead, try to hear and decipher what they are trying to convey.

Do not present yourself as trying desperately to sell a product. Rather, present an image that you are trying to help solve a problem.

It is important to stay away from such sales myths and concentrate on making your customers comfortable and hearing them out. By tuning your thought process with those of your clients, you can easily conquer these myths and increase your sales.