Choosing a Small Business Website Name

Choosing A Small Business Website Name 

If you think all the good domain names are already taken, think again!   It is true that usually all the 3 and 4 character domain names that come with key extensions (.com and .net) are very often taken. However, even if your first choice domain names are not available, choosing a suitable website domain name for your small businesses is possible if you are flexible. 

The most desirable domain extensions are COM (Commercial for profit enterprise) NET (Companies providing internet services) INFO (Information only related website) and ORG (Non-profit organizations).

Here are some tips for choosing a website domain name 

  • Shortlist not more than 10 website domain names you find appealing.
  • Make a list of your basic services, market related and single word terms.  
  • If you are aiming for a local market, use geographical terms that are synonymous with your services.  
  • Think of initial names and make additional lists of single word terms and significant initials.  
  • Find free online services on “WhoIs” and skim through the database of available domain names.
  • Every database has search boxes that allow users to enter the domain extension and name.  
  • Start with your first choice, look through the list and save some available names for later reviewing.  
  • It may be difficult to get an appropriate name, so try various combinations of the key words you have short-listed.  
  • You may have shortlisted many names, but always use a domain name that is easy to remember and spell. 

Another helpful tip: If your desired domain name is already taken, put hyphens between words in the domain name (e.g.,, as opposed to the more popular and probably taken 

Choosing a domain name isn't nearly as hard as it's made out to be — you just have to use common sense and be creative.

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