Cloud Computing and Small Businesses: A Good Fit?

Like many business owners, you may be hesitant to purchase a high-line software package with expensive licensing fees, which also require you to hire additional personnel as local network and software administrators.

However, what if your business absolutely needs a specific type of software that just cannot be found on the shelf of Office Depot?

There is good news for small business owners who wish to purchase software packages without the high cost of administration, and it comes in the form of cloud computing, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

What is Cloud Computing?

If you have an email account with popular hosts like Yahoo! or Gmail, you are already familiar with cloud computing. Your email account is accessed via an internet connection and a browser to the Yahoo! or Gmail server. You simply bring up the website, enter your password information, and voila! Your account and all email services are there for you.

Although an email account is a simple example, cloud software delivery operates on the same premise. You simply use an internet connection to access the software from the developer’s own server. All your computing is completed through the internet. There is nothing for you to manage at your own business, which means no extra computer servers or extra IT personnel.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Cloud Computing?

There are many benefits from using remote software packages, but the main benefit that most businesses see is cost savings. The money you can save on not having to buy the software, install it, and administer it is substantial. In addition, here are just a few other benefits:

  • Easy Data Transfer – You can easily transfer your existing data with the help of a SaaS provider.

  • Improve Your Productivity – There will be no more downtime while IT “fixes” the server. Your SaaS account is available at all times from most any computer. You can even work from home.

  • High Level of Security – Cloud computing providers establish a high level of security for their servers, providing you and your customers with peace of mind that information will not get stolen or hacked.

If you are in need of quality software applications but do not have the resources to administer it, consider cloud computing. It could save you money and time and provide your small business with the high-quality software it needs.

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