Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone and are more common than you might think. Here are the most common ones.
common workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone and are more common than you might think. Whether someone works in an office or on a building site, there’s always a possibility that something can go awry. Badly stacked files, wet flooring or even the continuous use of a particular tool without a rest can result in injury.

It’s imperative that employers work to ensure that their employees safety needs are considered, otherwise misfortune can befall a workplace. You’d be surprised at what can go wrong! For our US-based readers, talk to a lawyer dealing with workers compensation in Georgia if you do find yourself in an accident at work.

We’ve compiled some of the most typical workplace injuries below.

Falling Off of Ladders

This one is almost cliche but it does happen! It’s easy to stretch slightly too far to reach for something, only for whatever you are reaching for to come tumbling down and the ladder to give way. It’s always important to use the correct size ladder for a job, otherwise an employee can find themselves in an unexpected situation.

This is a particular problem for employees working in warehouses, as it’s often tempting to stretch the extra distance to get to a piece of stock. Intelligent employers will always ensure that they have the correct facilities to meet the needs of their employees.


Slippery surfaces are another hazard that can await unsuspecting workers. Slip injuries can result in broken bones, back injuries or worse. Chefs carrying a pot of hot liquid could find themselves suffering nasty burns, were they to slip and fall on their backs. Indeed, the most common location for the occurrence of workplace slip injuries is the kitchen.

Slip injuries are also a surprisingly frequent occurrence in schools. Children can leave a mess on the floor unsuspectingly and forget to clean it up, leaving a potential hazard for teachers and assistants. Nonetheless, most injuries of this sort can be easily avoided with the simple safety precaution of a typical “wet floor” sign.

Repetitive Strain Injury

This sort of injury has become the bete-noire of doctors and physiotherapists everywhere and can affect people in all manner of work. Occurring when one muscle is subject to strain as a result of the continuous repetition of the same action, Repetitive Strain Injury can bother both the young and old. A profession particularly afflicted by the condition is that of the musician. Unsurprisingly, musicians often suffer from injuries resulting from the strain caused by excessive repetition of certain movements on their instrument.

Practicing the same hand movement again and again can result in excessive build up of muscular stress. For example, a classical violinist has to practice their part of the concerto time and time again before they reach the desired level, and this can result in no little discomfort. It’s not just those of us who work in offices who are affected by Repetitive Strain Injury, but people from all walks of life.

To protect your small business, be sure you have the right insurance, particularly worker’s compensation insurance, in place.

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