Top 10 Companies for Cross-Platform QT Development

If you aren't exploring cross-platform opportunities, you are missing on a lot. Learn about the best companies for cross-platform QT development.
companies for cross-platform qt development

Advantages of Cross-Platform Applications

Cross-platform development is becoming a trend. Multi-platform applications in any industry, be it manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, or healthcare, help bring business to a new level.

Firstly, cross-platform development costs less than creating native solutions. Add to that the app maintenance cost—bug fixing, updating, etc.

Modern toolkits allow you to create a cross-platform software product that looks and functions like a native one while being much cheaper.

Secondly, cross-platform development is faster than the parallel creation of native solutions. The time to market is being drastically reduced.

And most importantly, the same application with minimal changes can run on different devices, which is incredibly convenient for users.

We can access the apps through Android or iOS smartphones, Windows laptops, tablets, or computers. Employees can use apps while away from the workplace. Communication speed increases, and therefore decisions are made faster.

The Qt Framework and Leading Qt Development Companies

Cross-platform applications can help you promote your services or products and strongly support your business by targeting a large audience. The Qt framework is one of the best toolkits for your application development since it is open-source and targets all the major operating systems: iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

So, with Qt, you can get a high-performance cross-platform app with perfect UI/UX design that will help you attract more customers for your business. The only we need now is an experienced and reliable team with strong Qt skills.

Here are 10 companies with rich experience in using Qt and its tools for Qt software development for various industries.

1. Integra Sources

Integra Sources’ team uses their strong Qt skills for building mobile, desktop, and embedded software applications for iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows. They are well-versed in Qt Creator, Qt Quick, QML, and other Qt tools.

Integra team provides embedded app development, building GUI and HMI for various industries.

2. The KDAB Group

This company provides services for building desktop and embedded software applications for various industries, including automotive, medical, and industrial.

The KDAB offers unique Qt expert services for building native and hybrid Qt applications. They create specialized Qt tools; among them are GammaRay, tailored Qt Creator extensions, and custom Qt SDKs.

3. Felgo

Felgo is a Qt technology and service partner that provides consulting and software development services. They are Qt experts for iOS, Android, desktop, and embedded development.

Besides, they can help you with Qt porting and migration to new versions – Qt 5 and Qt 6.

4. Softhenge

The Softhenge team provides custom software development services in Qt as they are experts in building Qt-powered applications.

They create cross-platform applications for a large number of industries: Manufacturing, Cyber Security, Cryptocurrency, Geology, Sport/Media, and Telecoms.

5. Softeq

Softeq has strong expertise in Qt development. They offer multiple choice technology, including Qt Quick, Qt Widget, Web/Hybrid for building mobile, desktop, and embedded applications.

Softeq has rich experience in creating Qt software solutions for consumer electronics, healthcare, data storage, sports, climate tech, e-Learning, retail, pet tech, baby tech, construction, and other industries.

6. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has 18 years of experience in software creation. The company provides a number of Qt development services, such as UI development with Qt framework, Qt software porting, software maintenance with Qt, and Qt consultation.

This team can help you create friendly mobile and desktop apps with smooth GUI.

7. Skythe Studio

The Skythe Studio company is a Qt service partner that has strong experience in utilizing Qt and C++ for creating custom and effective cross-platform software.

They create Qt software for iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Besides the development services, the company provides software support, maintenance, consultations, training, and UI/US design services.

8. ShuraCore

SuraCore is strongly experienced with the Qt framework and uses it for building applications and embedded software.

The company’s software team uses Qt for providing the following services: graphics, integration of web content, Mobile API interfaces, QML applications, and widgets.


The SCAND company has more than 15 years of experience in Qt software development. They use Qt for creating mobile, web, GUI, and game applications.

SCAND can help you create an application that will target iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems and can provide you with Qt dedicated team.

10. EUREKA software

This is a USA-based onshore company that provides software applications development services using various languages including Qt. They are strong at creating user experience design, product experience optimizations, and mobile app development.


AMD, European Space Agency, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Siemens, Panasonic, and other leading companies in over 70 industries use the Qt framework.

Although it is easy to get started with Qt, and the documentation is extensive and available, Qt development requires extensive skills and experience.

By trusting application software development to reliable companies with vast expertise, you protect yourself from disappointing results, missed deadlines, and overpayment.

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