Create a Marketing Kit That Educates

Create a Marketing Kit That Educates

If you are a small business owner like me, then no doubt you have found yourself in need of a marketing kit. But you can't just create a brochure without a plan — that's like taking a road trip without a map!

Your marketing kit should be educational — telling what your business does and outlining your products and services. It also needs to be formatted in such a way that it can be printed easily and updated regularly. The kit should contain various printed pieces that are professional and form the framework for 10-12 different educational documents.

Listed below are the core components of a good marketing kit:

Pocket Folders: Designed well, then it will convey the message that your business is for real and credible. You don't need to break the bank to create it; but your marketing kit is not the place to cut corners.

Marketing Templates: This ought to be printed professionally as it carries the logo of the company and the contact information. But it is quite different from letterheads. Here are some pages that can be created for your marketing kit.

  1. The company page: Mention how your products/services are different from the others on the market, and fill it with the advantages of doing business with your company.
  2. List of services and products: Make a list of the services or products that you offer – but make sure to write it in the context of how your customers will benefit from your services and products.
  3. Case study: Pick industries or representative clients and make an outline on how your product line solved their challenges. People tend to learn in various different ways – and a case study will allow them to see themselves using the product.
  4. Testimonials, FAQs and Flowcharts – You should have a separate page with the quotes from some of your clients expressing their positive experiences. Tell people about what you do and how you do it through flowcharts and checklists. Also put in some FAQ's, and an ideal client description.

The marketing kit should be treated as your lead conversion tool – to be used ahead of or after a lead or referral asks for more information.

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