How to Create Text Editable Files for Graphic Design Clients

create text editable files

It can be a little tricky when your clients ask you to create text editable files at the end of a graphic design project. That is because most clients will not use or have a working knowledge of the software programs that are frequently used by graphic design firms, such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. Nor should your clients be expected to purchase expensive software to access your files. Thankfully, there are solutions available. Read on to find out more.

How to Create Text Editable Files

Convert or Re-create Files as a Microsoft Word Template

Most clients will be familiar with Microsoft Word. However, Word is not intended for creating professional-looking print-ready files for graphic design projects. It is better suited for everyday documents. But if you create designs in formats like PDF, you can easily use a free online PDF to word converter to make your files available in the Microsoft Word format.

You can also use conversion tools to convert PDF images designed in Adobe Illustrator into other formats like JPG and PNG. Another option is to export images designed in programs like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop as high-resolution PNG files. You can then insert them into the header and footer sections of a Word document and save it as a template to create text editable files in the future.

Create a Text Editable PDF with Adobe Reader

One of the best options for enabling your clients to edit the text in your design files is to use Adobe Reader. It is easy to use. Simply create a design with programs like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and save it as a PDF file. Then add editable text fields to the PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Your client will be able to open the PDF with Adobe Reader and edit the text fields that you have set up. The good thing about this option is clients will not be able to change the appearance of the font and text size, only the written text itself, meaning no accidental changes in the look of the document can occur. This option works well to maintain brand recognition while enabling you to create text editable files.

Create a Text Editable PDF with Adobe Acrobat

If you want to create a text editable PDF document for your clients to use in an Adobe Acrobat program, simply create the document design in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and export the file as a PDF. In comparison to Adobe Reader, your client will have access to a lot more advanced styling and editing tools to create text editable files. You and your clients can change fonts, add images, position graphics, and much more.

So, if you want your clients to be able to make more precise changes, creating a text-editable file in PDF with Adobe Acrobat is the best solution. Clients will have control over the layout, but the documents can still maintain a professional appearance. PDF files that are edited in Adobe Acrobat are suitable for print jobs too.

Clients may have to purchase Adobe Acrobat for this option, but most clients will know how to use Adobe Acrobat. You could even share your Adobe log-in details with your clients so that they do not have to spend any money on the software.

Benefits of Offering Options to Clients

As a graphic design firm, offering your clients various options to solve their issues puts you in a positive light. Consider putting together a quick video or blog about how your ideas can help your clients. This adds to your content marketing strategy and can result in new businesses finding you online.

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