How to Get Your Customers to Say “Wow”

In these competitive times, it is just not enough to handle clients on a mechanical level. Instead, satisfy each customer to such an extent that they feel and say WOW!

Show Genuine Happiness

For excellent client service, you should be happy at the arrival of each new client and should also show it. Your smile and interest in your customers should be genuine. Listen to what your customers are trying to convey before you start showcasing your products or start your sales pitch. This is a good business client tip to follow.

Be calm and polite but firm at all times. Radiate energy and enthusiasm through your body language. Your employees should be equally active and interested in their jobs.

Create a Cheerful First Impression

Your office or store should be maintained in pristine condition. When it comes to business and good customer service, first impressions count.

A fresh coat of paint or even new wallpaper can lighten up a dull space quickly. Your inventory should be purged on a regular basis and the entire business atmosphere should be lively.

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

This business client tip is the best way to impress your customers, especially new ones. You should always promise to deliver only if you are confident enough to do it within the stipulated time frame.

Try to give yourself a few days’ lead time so that even in the case of a delay, you can still comfortably deliver within the time limit.

If possible, try to add freebies or offer additional services free of charge – customers like to be pleasantly surprised, and you will definitely inspire loyalty.

Remember All the Details

You should remember the personal details of your regular clients for good customer service. Keep detailed notes of their likes and dislikes regarding the products that you have supplied to them.

This will enable you to offer them the right products in the future. Remembering their personal details will convey to your customers that you care about them.

Solve Their Problems

Experience and constantly upgrading your skills will ensure that you are able to solve your customers’ problems immediately.

This will enhance your reputation and earn your business the respect it deserves. In the long run, you will also convert most of your clients into your friends.

Another client service tip is to communicate with your clients to form solid relationships that will improve over the years.

Offer Genuine Products at Genuine Prices

It is very important to offer genuine products at genuine prices to your customers. Stay away from the temptation to cheat your clients if you want to maintain and enhance your business’ reputation.

While you have to price your products and services so that you make a profit, make sure that they are fair. Make sure you offer efficient after-sales-service to maintain the wow factor of excellent client service.

Get Feedback

Once a customer purchases a product from you, make it a point to call them after a week and get feedback about the quality of the product and your service.

If there are any questions or problems regarding the product, make sure that you solve them immediately to maintain good customer service. This will please the customer and will make him or her a client for life.

You will need to put in additional efforts and stay alert to the needs and wishes of your customers to create excellent client service and get them to say ‘WOW’ the minute they contact your business.

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