Find Employees for New Business: Best Ways to Find Employees

Small business owners need to hire talented, motivated people, especially during the critical period when their businesses are just starting out. There are many ways to locate job seekers, including online job sites, classified want ads and employment search firms. However, these methods often involve a fee or require you to spend significant amounts of time sifting through unsuitable applicants.

So what’s the best way to find employees who will help your business grow and prosper? Try asking for referrals from friends, family members, business associates or current employees. Your preferences and standards may not be in step with conventional thinking. And let’s face it, your friends and family members are likely to understand you better than any headhunter. But don’t make the mistake of judging referrals by different standards than other job candidates. It takes motivated, quick-learning individuals to make a business work, and you won’t be doing yourself (or the candidate) any favors by settling for less.

Small businesses can also turn to college students for assistance. Students can be an excellent source of help over Christmas vacations and during the summer months. In exchange for real-world work experience and professional connections, students are often willing to work for a small stipend — or even for free. Just call the career centers at local universities and colleges to ask how you can be listed as an internship provider.

Even when your business is experiencing a rapid growth spurt, it isn’t always possible to hire a new full-time employee. Senior citizens — who have a lifetime of work experience and fairly modest income requirements — can be ideal part-time employees for small businesses. Posting notices for part-time help at senior centers and clubs can connect you with potential short-term additions to your workforce during extremely busy stretches.