Writing Job Descriptions to Run a Small Business!

Many employers never get around to writing out job descriptions. But writing them can help not only improve performance, but also avoid misunderstandings about expectations.

“This wasn’t in my job description!”

The preceding complaint is especially common in small offices where employees are often expected to “pitch-in” as needed regardless of the task at hand. And while it is often said in jest, many employees become frustrated — and in turn less productive — when their duties aren’t clearly defined.

Many employers never get around to writing out job descriptions. However, clear, concise job descriptions can help your employees work smarter and become more effective in their jobs by clearly spelling out what is expected from them. Employees, especially entry level ones, often face a transition period before they take on their new job’s full responsibilities. Job descriptions can be used to demonstrate what will be expected from an employee as they progress and develop, not just when they start. This way, you prevent employees from feeling blindsided when they are given additional responsibilities.

Having clearly-defined job descriptions can also help small business owners during the hiring process. A well-written job description reduces the number of people who inappropriately apply for a job, saving time and money. After hiring, an employer can use a job description to help manage employees since it explains what specific duties new employees are expected to fulfill.

Small business owners can use software programs to assist them in writing job descriptions. These programs often have a library of job description outlines for thousands of jobs. Many of these programs allow you to merge the duties of various different job titles to create a job description for a position unique to your company.

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