Easy Ways to Make Money Fast Online

Many people are turning to online methods of making money while they are working from home during the pandemic. Try these ideas.
making money online

The pandemic has made it difficult to leave your home, which will inevitably impact how you make money. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can earn an income while staying safe in your home – many of which don’t require years of training or a degree. While waiting for life to go back to normal, you can supplement your income online by doing the following.

Selling Photos

If you want to learn how to make a quick 1000 dollars in one day, you should try your hand at taking photographs, editing, and selling them. There are plenty of photographers who sell per photo instead of the hour, which can add up to over 1000 dollars per day for a few hours of work. Failing that, you can sell stock photos online to photo websites or blogging platforms.

To do this, you just need to upload your photos to one of the many large photobases (like Shuttershock and Getty Images) that allow designers, editors, and bloggers to buy your photos. The best thing about stock websites is that your photo can be sold multiple times, so you can make passive income off of a few hundred photos. 


If you have decent writing ability, you’ll be able to learn how to copyright. Copywriting is a huge industry that always needs writers. To become a copywriter, you need to learn about SEO, marketing, and business. You’ll also need good communication skills and the ability to either create a blog or manage one because most of your work will be through this medium.

Teaching English

Native English speakers already have the first necessary skill for teaching English, but you will also need to be approachable, respectful, and caring of your students. Depending on the website you want to teach on, you’ll need to take a TEFL course, which allows you to teach English abroad. Sometimes it’s better to take the course anyway to improve your teaching skills.


Drop-shipping is a method of retail that doesn’t involve a physical inventory. When a customer makes an order, you purchase that item from a third-party website then ship it directly to the customer. You won’t need to keep any of your products within your home or a factory, and you won’t have to purchase an order in bulk hoping to sell enough to recoup on your investment.

Places like Amazon and Shopify can provide you with your own online storefront for this business. Plenty of people have made a significant profit on drop-shipping by purchasing the item and marking it up. Be sure to prepare for inventory issues if the place you’re buying from no longer carries the product or has a shortage of that item.

Writing E-Books

Writing and publishing books isn’t as difficult as it used to be because many companies like Kindle through Amazon will let you self publish your book on their website. Many authors created a profitable business opportunity and passive income by writing a dozen books per year and marketing their novels through social media websites and blogs. 

Life Coaching

There are endless amounts of people who require life advice during the pandemic, and even more will pop up afterward who need structure in their lives. Life coaching is a creative process that helps people focus on their professional and personal goals. They help people overcome fears, create successful habits, and boost their self-confidence.

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, you can take an online training program that offers certification. You don’t need a psychology degree or an MD to give fantastic life advice. You can start marketing your services through blogs and social media platforms, but be sure to establish enough rapport with your customers to receive good reviews and recommendations.

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