Find a Match Made in Heaven: Networking Events for Government Contracts

If you think speed dating is a unique way to meet people, then consider the possibilities when the concept is merged with government contract opportunities! Aspiring contractors wishing to bid on high-paying government contracts now have the opportunity to explore potential matches with agencies through networking events.

How it Works

By law, the United States government is required to award 23% of its contract opportunities to small businesses. These contracts range from web design services and grant writing to marketing or even interior design. Special events featuring government and private sector options are growing in popularity. These organizations are paired with potential service providers who are proud to be small businesses. This is a unique opportunity for business owners to explore the possibility of building a new relationship, and the best part is that the networking events are free of charge.

Strategic Motion

The networking events are highly strategized. There are set schedules for potential contractors to meet with specific companies. These matches are determined and scheduled ahead of time to maximize efficiency. A bell signaling the start and stop of each face-to-face interview is utilized to keep all participants right on track.

Pros and Cons

Competition in the business world is fierce in this economy, and these matchmaking events are filled with pros and cons. One of the major benefits involves meeting face-to-face and a chance to make a good first impression. These events provide an opportunity for buyers and contractors to develop better relationships from the start. They also save a great deal of money and energy for small business owners who do not have time or resources to conduct a multitude of onsite meetings. On the other hand, some of the most talented and promising small business owners across the nation attend such events. Getting adequate recognition and attention to make the trip worthwhile is challenging.

As the economy continues to fluctuate, so will business practices. Rather than spend time searching job postings in newspaper or online, networking events for buyers and contractors are a great investment of time and energy. This is a new business trend that will only grow more lucrative with time.

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